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3 Good Reasons why you should Invest in PancakeSwap Crypto

PancakeSwap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that still offers extreme growth potential in the future. Low fees and high liquidity make the platform look extremely attractive. The trend towards decentralized financial products (DeFi) and the large user base make PancakeSwap an extremely interesting product. Let’s talk in this article about why Pancakeswap crypto is a good investment option by laying 3 strong pillars in the Pancakeswap infrastructure.

#3 PancakeSwap has Low Fees!

PancakeSwap was developed on the Binance Smart Chain. For this reason, the fees for the decentralized exchange are much lower than for the large competitor Uniswap. Uniswap is based on the Ethereum blockchain. Due to a certain stagnation in Ethereum and the rather slow adoption of proof-of-stake, the transaction fees increase significantly.

PancakeSwap has much more moderate fees at 0.2%. This allows more transactions to be carried out and investors receive higher profit margins. Because of the extremely low fees, PancakeSwap has built a very enthusiastic community that supports the project loudly.

#2 Attractive Staking Options

Staking, the provision of your own tokens to support the validation process of transactions and the provision of liquidity, is one of the main features of decentralized exchanges. Through staking, investors can acquire high annual returns on the right decentralized stock exchange.

On PancakeSwap, 16 tokens are now available for staking within the network. The staking pools on the platform offer annual returns of up to 72%. The pools are not just classic liquidity pools, they also offer high returns. The token CAKE not only serves as a governance token but can also be stacked.

#3 High Liquidity

One of the great advantages of the Binance Smart Chain is its high liquidity. PancakeSwap has the highest daily user base of any decentralized application and continues to have the fourth highest market volume. Thanks to this high and, above all, active user base, liquidity on the platform can be continuously secured.

The token CAKE has an extremely high volume, which helps investors tremendously when deciding to stake. In addition, it is extremely easy to invest in the CAKE and to sell again when it is profitable. 

If you want to buy CAKE, stop by the Binance or Coinbase exchanges!

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3 Good Reasons why you should Invest in PancakeSwap Crypto  
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