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Everything You Should Know About Wilder World Crypto Game

Thanks to growing interests in related products, there have been many new projects in the digital asset space. The community has numerous NFTs and metaverses, pushing the narrative to greater grounds. One of the newest projects drawing interest is Wilder World. This metaverse is a project focused on the NFT industry.

Many creatives have leveraged NFT technology to sell their artworks to deep-pocket individuals. Granted, you can sell numerous items as NFTs. They are not limited to artworks alone, as Jack Dorsey sold his first tweet as a non-fungible token. Similarly, others have sold pictures, audio, and videotapes as tokens.

In a way, this might push the popularity of blockchain technology to the mainstream. Individuals who explore new avenues may enjoy putting up their products and selling them at auctions. Additionally, the industry has been received well, especially after Beeple’s artwork sale. The digital artist sold one of the most expensive artworks as an NFT.

Wilder World

What Are NFTs?

NFTs are also called non-fungible tokens. These tokens are unique and special kinds of digital assets. Unlike fungible tokens, like Ethereum, you cannot replace or change this asset. For instance, when someone borrows Bitcoin, they are expected to return Bitcoin. It does not matter if it’s the one borrowed or another one.

However, this is quite different for non-fungible tokens. Since these are unique assets, you may need to return the exact asset you borrowed. Rarity is crucial in this industry. While there might be more than one kind of NFT in existence, experts still them as highly unique products. And this is because they are rarer than even the rarest cryptocurrencies.

What Is A Metaverse?

A metaverse is a new technology that enables users to live in a digital universe. Oftentimes, metaverses are a combination of different techs, such as virtual reality and augmented reality. The virtual world gives the users a sense of reality to meet other real users through the platform.

Presently, there has been a lot of buzz on metaverses. Firms like Facebook want to revolutionize technology. So, unlike our actual reality, which is the real world, you can only access the metaverse through technology. Both worlds exist side by side and will continue existing even when you are not active.

What Is Wilder World?

Wilder world aspires to be a suitable decentralized platform for artists and creators. This platform would provide tools, enabling creators to showcase their projects and products. Also, it strives to be a community-centered platform that gives exposure to a virtual reality world. It hopes to make this possible by building cities for exploration.

Interestingly, the project built one of its first cities, Wiami, notably similar to Miami’s popular city. Additionally, the team behind the project leveraged Ethereum and ZERO technology to build the city on a blockchain. New reports show that team created the city to allow users to explore metaverses.

Wilder World has numerous in-game games, enabling players to play while earning money. Play-to-earn games are becoming increasingly popular as it allows games to find another way to earn money. It’s safe to state that this verse is not the only play-to-earn game in the digital asset space. In fact, these kinds of games are in high demand because of their opportunities.

Like many other metaverses, Wilder World focuses on exposing users to NFTs. Some of the mini-games in the world allow users to earn tokens when they play. For instance, one of the most popular games in Wiami is Wilder Wheels. This game is exclusively on Wiami, allowing players to race or rent out their favorite cars for payments.

Also, the cars have an intriguing programing, affecting their gameplay and speed. Since these cars are NFTs, it’s no surprise that they look very artistic. If you need a new car, you can easily explore numerous car designs similar to cars in the real world.

What Is Wilder Wheels?

Wilder Wheels is essentially a game in Wiami, enabling users to race with other people to earn rewards. This relatively new feature is fully powered by the $WILD token—the native token of the metaverse. If you don’t have a car, you can easily rent another user’s car for a limited period.

It’s also important to state that deflationary and inflationary features may increase or decrease market value. According to creators, over 100 people contribute to Wilder World’s success, helping it grow impressively.

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How Wilder World Metaverse Works

Since Wilder World is an NFT-powered platform, it leverages blockchain technology for seamless running. In a way, this verse exposes the growing non-fungible token industry, accelerating growth. Other tokens like WILD and LOOT also power the metaverse for better connectivity. 

Some components are fundamental to the platform. Below we look at some mechanisms that assist the Wilder World ecosystem.


Non-fungible tokens are a core part of this new platform. The metaverse has some breathtaking 3D artworks that explore the virtual reality system. Also, you can trade these artworks as NFTs and sell them to earn money. Besides creators, it also welcomes art collectors. Art collectors need the rarest pieces of artwork because of their value. Most collectors understand that the rarer the piece, the higher the value—making this verse a favorite amongst collectors. You can find numerous tokens through micro games within the world.

NFT Market:

The non-fungible tokens industry is a booming industry, and since these pieces are particularly rare, you have to buy or sell them through a Wilder World marketplace. The metaverse has an available market in terms of collectors, making the market significantly bigger. Also, users can liquify assets when they use this platform.

Artist Guild:

This is a social network where creatives can meet and interact with themselves in the metaverse. This way, they may build meaningful connections needed to create more projects. 3D artists can easily become part of the guild and sell their products for tokens. For instance, artists receive their payment in a $WILD token when artists sell artwork.

Wilder World Mechanism

This metaverse is a 3D world that works with non-fungible tokens. The team leveraged to build a realistic world for players. Everything in the game is 3-dimensional, and many assets holders own are also NFTs.

You can interact with other players in the game, acquire property, and even sell some products in marketplaces. This makes it largely similar to the real world. You can join the space to create unique projects, mint, and sell them. Interested creators can also join the ecosystem to collect rare and intriguing artworks.


The ecosystem hopes to solve some problems associated with NFT marketplaces. For one, marketplaces are hardly decentralized; a central body controls all operations in most cases. To remedy this, Wilder World sees itself as a DAO(decentralized autonomous organization) where sellers and buyers can transact through a community-centered platform.


Also, it hopes to solve liquidity issues, which is an ongoing problem in the industry. With the growing numbers of artwork collectors, it may be straightforward to access liquidity when someone sells an asset.


 Finally, it plans to bring utility, especially for digital products. While many NFTs don’t have utilities, tokens on Wilder World have some uses. For example, you can drive your car NFTs in the metaverse and can even choose to rent them out.

How To Get Started

Presently, the metaverse is still under development, which means that many features have not been added. Checking through the official website, you can choose to bid on available NFTs, such as kicks and wheels, to become an owner when the creators finalize development.

However, you can buy your $WILD token even while still developing. The first step you take to purchase your coin is to register with an exchange that supports it. When creating the account, you need to add your basic details, such as email, name, and other required KYC information.

The next step is to deposit fiat into your account. Many exchanges allow a variety of currencies, and they also allow you to choose your favorite payment methods. Also, you need to know that some methods have higher fees than others. Knowing this might help you save money.

The final step is buying your coin. After crediting your account with fiat, you can easily search for WILD and buy your preferred amount. After this, you can freely transfer your token to your preferred wallet. Presently, the game is still in its development stage, but holders can still anticipate new features; these features can help restructure the outlook of the game.


While still in development, Wilder World has a lot of potentials. It gives off a futuristic look to a new, virtual reality world. This comes at a good time, especially as firms become interested in metaverses. Theoretically, when the team completes the development, the metaverse should afford a great opportunity to earn extra income. You also get to enjoy the thrills of exploring a new world. Miami is the only city on the metaverse, but many others may be added with more development.

Wilder World
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Everything You Should Know About Wilder World Crypto Game  
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