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Illuvium Crypto: A Revolution in the Metaverse Explained

Illuvium is revolutionizing the metaverse through its gamification. Built on the Ethereum chain, Illuvium brings the best of both worlds: entertainment & commercialization. On Illuvium crypto Metaverse, players can entertain themselves as well as earn lucrative income.

All they need to do is battle Illuvials who are inhabitants of the metaverse and nurse them back to life. Once the players are doing this, the illuvials become faithful and help players in their quest. Upon completing the quest, the players get access to rare items which they can trade at AAMs.

Is Illuvium Promising?

Illuvium has worked on the shortcomings seen in other Role Play Games (RPG). On the Illuvium Metaverse, players get access to a 3-D environment which looks like a real world. On top of this, Illuvium races past its peers through:

Layer 2 Integration

Illuvium uses Immutable X as a layer 2 solution. Using the Immutable X ecosystem, players can mint gasless tokens. They can trade with minimal or no fees and complete transactions in seconds. In this way, players get incentivized completely in the Illuvium metaverse.

Illuvium DEX

Players get access to auction their Illuvium NFTs on the Illuvium DEX. Hence they need not have to wonder anywhere when they wish to monetize their NFTs. Illuvium DEX has high liquidity and only 5% fee gets deducted as a trading charge. These fees get stored in the reward pools and get distributed among stakers.

Yield Farming

Yield farming on Illuvium DEX has piqued investors’ interest. Liquidity contributors get rare NFTs as airdrops under partner reward scheme. This is a revolutionary aspect of Illuvium metaverse making it a hit among investors.

How To Get Started On Illuvium Metaverse?

Illuvium is still going through the development stage. Despite that fact, you can still play Illuvium in the beta version. You can download the Illuvium beta game as a free-to-play or subscription model. On the Illuvium metaverse, players need to collect and upgrade their illuvials. The illuvials follow a specific division mechanism. As per the division mechanism, they get categorized into affinity and class. When players use the Illuvials of the same category and class, they mint rare illuvials.

While playing on the Illuvial metaverse, use shards to capture the illuvials. For a more powerful illuvial, you need a very powerful shard. A more powerful shard will heal the illuvial faster. In case, you want to speed up the recovery, there’s provision to pay fees and heal them faster.

How To Buy Illuvium? 

You need illuvium tokens on Binance to start your quest. To register on Binance, use the following methods; 

Login to Binance as a registered user. In case, not registered, register yourself first

Buy crypto using p2p or bank transfer method as allowed by your region. In this example, I am using p2p. Go to the wallet then the funding wallet.

Buy the crypto of your choice using any payment method like PayPal, Skrill, AirTM.

Create your Metamask wallet.

Search for and download the Metamask extension.

You can either create a new one or import an existing one.

Deposit Ethereum to your wallet. Take your cursor to the account name to do that. It will ask you to copy it to the clipboard. Copy the address, click on the account name and paste the address to the recipient by clicking on send. 

Swap to Illuvium

Go to Sushiswap.

Click on the token you have. For example, here you have ETH. You will swap the ETH for Illuvium. Click on the swap button to complete the process. Set the mining fees that you wish to pay and you will be receiving Illuvium shortly. Once done, the tokens will show in your wallet. I hope this tutorial was useful and you just bought your first Illuvium today. Hope you have good fortune in the illuvium Metaverse.


AAM: Alternate Asset Markets

p2P: peer to peer

Illuvium game
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Illuvium Crypto: A Revolution in the Metaverse Explained  
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