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NFT Season: EASILY Buy NFTs on these 4 Platforms

NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens) are immutable, unique digital works of art that have become increasingly popular in recent weeks and months. Some NFTs have already generated millions. Do you also want to purchase NFTs? You can buy NFTs on these 4 platforms.

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#1 OpenSea

OpenSea is probably the best-known NFT platform. You can create, buy, and sell NFTs on OpenSea. OpenSea has existed since 2017 and is considered the first NFT trading platform. There you will find a large number of different NFT collections. You can purchase the NFTs on OpenSea if you connect an Ethereum wallet to the platform. The browser extension of MetaMask is the simplest solution. With any purchase, a 2.5% commission goes to the artist.

Take a look at our OpenSea guide to getting started! If you want to get started with Opensea, click here !

#2 Rarible

Rarible is another NFT exchange that primarily focuses on the creators of NFTs, i.e. the artists. However, there you can also select, buy and sell NFTs from collections. Rarible is much younger than OpenSea and didn’t start until early 2020. The marketplace is very clear and focuses heavily on the creation process of NFTs. With every sale, both the buyer and the seller pay a 2.5% fee.

We have also created instructions for Rarible . If you want to buy NFTs on Rarible, click here !

#3 Binance

Binance is the industry leader among crypto exchanges. The platform, founded in 2017, has become the absolute number 1 in crypto trading in recent years. Of course, it is then also possible to buy and sell NFTs on Binance. The NFTs are traded on the in-house Binance blockchain. The Binance Coin is available as a payment option. However, the platform also accepts Ether or US dollars. 

With Binance you have the crypto marketplace available to buy NFTs. To get to Binance, click here !

#4 is probably the most hyped crypto platform in the last few weeks. The value of the Coin has risen massively recently and the platform stands out due to its extremely successful global branding. But behind the marketing, there is an excellent platform with which you can now also buy and sell NFTs. The platform carries numerous collections from NFTs, especially from prominent artists who cooperate with You can pay with FIAT, with cryptocurrencies via an ERC-20 wallet such as MetaMask, or directly via the app. is a modern marketplace for cryptocurrencies that recently started offering NFTs. Click Here you get to the trading center!

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NFT Season: EASILY Buy NFTs on these 4 Platforms  
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