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What Is Fountain Crypto FTN?

Thanks to growing interests in digital assets, an incredible influx of new cryptocurrencies, such as Fountain. Following the growth of Bitcoin, the crypto industry is presently one of the most valuable industries—attracting mainstream attention. Today, users can easily access digital assets through various exchanges.

What is Fountain?

Fountain is a content ecosystem based on proof-of-contribution (POC) mechanism. According to the official website, the community seeks to create a win-win ecosystem. And to create such an ecosystem, it plans to reward creators with the project’s native token FTN. This way, crypto holders will benefit from the project’s profits.

So, the project hopes to change the approach to content contribution. For instance, when users contribute numerous content to promote a particular project, most of them do not have proof of contribution, meaning that they cannot receive rewards for their contribution.

To change this outlook, Fountain is a blockchain-based platform hoping to change the status quo. To bolster the point, it explained that, for example, if you were an author on quora and have contributed to the forum, you may not get rewards due to the lack of proof of contribution.

Why Fountain Exists

Creators made Fountain due to problems associated with traditional content communities. In these communities, authors have created great and helpful content but hardly receive rewards on the platform. For instance, many contributors have been part of Twitter and Quora’s growth by contributing unique content, reading those content, and commenting on the platform.

This, in turn, has helped the communities become very popular, enabling them to earn billions of dollars through users’ content. However, not many of these platforms reward their creators, despite their contribution to gaining mainstream popularity. Fountain finds this unreasonable and hopes to change this narrative. This pushed Fountain’s creation—creating a platform for fair distribution of rewards for content creators.

How Fountain Works

Unlike in mainstream content sites, things are different on this platform. The official website explained that creators, who have helped the community, especially promotion and exposure, should receive rewards based on their efforts. It’s not surprising to see crypto enthusiasts shilling particular coins and also raising awareness on them. Because many people believe in certain projects, it becomes easier for them to tell others about them. This is how publicity plays out in the digital asset community.

Additionally, Fountain explained that users could join quora built on the blockchain. However, in this instance, when you finally leave the platform, you get rewards depending on your contribution to the community. While these tokens are still undervalued, the website suggested that the tokens awarded may become more valuable in the future.

Growth in the digital asset community is something enthusiasts see every day. For this relatively new community, growth means more investors, thereby accelerating asset value. Similarly, cryptocurrencies are known for their volatility, which helps them achieve notable growth even within a short period. This makes it easier for holders to record gains and make profits. With Bitcoin’s unexpected growth, many investors hope to buy another asset, which may assure similar growth.

Aim And Mission

The project plans to follow some clear and fair rules and regulations in awarding contributors. It asserts that content creators would get their assets after appropriate calculation of rewards, encouraging people to contribute towards the platform’s growth. Additionally, Fountain believes that there will be numerous authors, investors, and readers—making it a win-win community thanks to the rewards.

Proof of contribution (PoC)

To create a suitable ecosystem that rewards users for content contribution, Fountain leverages the proof of contribution mechanism. The community emphasized the importance of the proper rewarding of contributors to ensure sufficient encouragement. When users know that they would receive rewards for their contribution, this may push them to create content regularly.

That said, creators may also enjoy value growth when the assets skyrocket. While still growing, if the community attracts mainstream attention, it should get more investors and contributors, enabling holders to record more noticeable gains.


Fountain encourages participation in public affairs, enabling transparency, fairness, and inclusivity. This would also reduce the workload on applications while enabling users to vote on proposals. For governance, users interested in drafting proposals will pledge some of their FTN for the submission.

Content contribution

Content is highly valuable on Fountain since it is a way users can receive FTN. The project would look at the creator’s content and the reader’s contribution in terms of time spent reading and comments on the post for asset rewards.

How To Get Rewards

To get rewards on the ecosystem, you must contribute to the project’s development. The system will reward users who contribute with proof of contribution and also receive rewards. Some of the few ways to earn rewards on the ecosystem include creating content, sharing, and Commenting

What Is FTN Token?

FTN is the native currency of Fountain’s ecosystem. Fountain rewards contributors with this token, using the proof of contribution mechanism. The token is an Ethereum-based asset, which the system would use for Fountain’s governance also. Users have to contribute some FTN to create proposals.

Should You Buy FTN Token?

You can FTN if you believe in receiving rewards for content contribution. While the asset is still in its development stage, the community explained that the ecosystem would distribute content creators fairly. If you want a community that strives to reward contributors, you should buy this asset.

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What Is Fountain Crypto FTN?  
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