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Gaming company Nexon America accepts crypto payments

Gaming company Nexon America accepts crypto payments 17

America-based Gaming giant company started to allow its users to pay in crypto assets for their Gaming services. 

Blockchain technology is now no more limited to the financial sector or services, which are inclined towards better payment systems. Even those nonfinancial services-based companies are showing huge interest in crypto, which want to provide an alternative best option for the payment. 

In recent years, we entered into that era of the crypto industry, where Gaming companies are planning to adopt blockchain technology to bring gaming on the blockchain network and also want to give a better gaming experience with the potential of blockchain technology. However, there are many things, which are limitations and restrictions, which are restricting gaming companies to adopt blockchain and crypto technology perfectly. But still, gaming companies are trying their best to adopt this industry in their ways with small efforts. 

Nexon is a South Korean- Japanese gaming company. This company has its hand in many online games. In particular, this company grabbed huge popularity for its online games KartRider, MapleStory, and Mabinogi. 

Now this company announced that it will accept payments in crypto assets also because of the user’s demand to allow all gaming users to purchase the game and gaming related character assets.

Here the concept of accepting payments is mainly targeted to those players, who are paying money for the characters and all other stuff like weapons in the games. However, it is a very common thing for most games, in the present time but still, it is just the beginning of the initial phase of adoption of the crypto by this company. Because there are few gaming companies that are selling characters and other weapons in the form of NFTs.

The company also confirmed that fiat payment options will remain available alongside Digital assets payment options. The supported crypto assets will be Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Binance USD, Gemini Dollar, etc. 

For this initiative, Nexon America established a partnership with the crypto payment network firm Bitpay. 

Owen Mahoney, CEO of Nexon, stated about this initiative and hinted that the company is not planning to hold crypto assets in their balance sheet. The president said:

“Nexon America’s decision to accept cryptocurrency payments is unrelated to the Bitcoin holdings of NEXON Co”

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Gaming company Nexon America accepts crypto payments

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