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Past Dogecoin Creator reveals his Dogecoin holding

Past Dogecoin Creator reveals his Dogecoin holding 2

Billy Markus revealed that he is currently holding around 220K DOGE in his portfolio. 

Billy Markus is a popular Dogecoin proponent in the crypto industry and he is doing nothing more than joking about different things in the crypto industry with the promotion of the Dogecoin project. Reportedly he is a board member of the non-profit organization Dogecoin Foundation. 

In the latest, Shibetoshi Nakamoto (Billy Markus) clearly said that he don’t talk on behalf of the Dogecoin project. 

Through the tweet, he clearly said that he is not in the project but he is a community member. And he is holding exactly 220k Dogecoin only. 

Through the same tweet, he clearly said that he will defend those people, who will help to make the space better and vice versa.

Billy also confirmed that he will not return to his project as a code Creator, which means he will try to become a developer in a crypto project. Because Billy thinks that it is terrible to be a developer in any crypto project. And also he said that he respects all the developers, who are active as developers. 

Billy Markus against Shiba token promoters 

Billy Markus always shows his appearance in almost every kind of initiative in the crypto industry. Many people took advantage of such things to comment on the tweets Billy. 

Once Billy raised his voice against those people, who keeps promoting their crypto holdings assets. In particular, he targeted Shiba inu coin promoters. 

Through the tweet, Billy confirmed that all these kinds of activities are unfair and no one will achieve anything. And also he doesn’t care which person holds which particular coin. In the tweet, Billy also shared a screenshot, in which Billy blocked around hundred of spammers.

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Past Dogecoin Creator reveals his Dogecoin holding

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