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Everything you need to know about Anonymice NFT

Anonymice is a relatively new project in the non-fungible token industry (NFT). This industry continues to be a favorite amongst digital asset buyers and sellers. The space has watched some creators sell amazing arts at mouth-watering prices to sellers at auction, making it a fast-growing industry. The NFT industry has managed to attract the community and mainstream. This is due to the growing projects and inflows in the industry. Also, many artists and creators find it fascinating to mint their tokens for their NFT. In a way, this could have helped the growth of the new industry. Still, many people anticipate a lot of new projects centered on the industry. In this article, we will be looking to familiarize ourselves with Anonymice NFT.

What Are Non-Fungible Tokens?

The non-fungible token industry focuses on creation. Anyone can create an NFT, which can be an artwork, a video, a picture, or even a tweet. There are no limitations to what an NFT can be, enabling people to create unique digital products.

Like cryptocurrencies, NFTs are blockchain-based digital products. However, the main difference is that non-fungible tokens are quite rare. For example, NFTs limit the copies of the artwork in existence. This makes each artwork more valuable and wanted in the industry.

On the other hand, fungible tokens or cryptocurrencies are usually higher in supply. Because of the nature and use of cryptocurrencies, the supply is expected. However, this is what draws the difference between the similar Industries. Also, when you want to buy these tokens, you need to pay cryptocurrencies, making them related.

What Is Anonymice NFT?

Anonymice is a non-fungible token. According to an official page, the NFT has two purposes. The first is to show possibilities on the blockchain. The other purpose explains that Anonymice is not a cash grab. While still new to the industry, it has some interesting facts. For one, this NFT has 10,000 unique mice, meaning that its total supply is within that number.

Also, it claims to be 100% on-chain. And this means it doesn’t need API or IPFS. Minting your nice follows a simple process, but the system randomly gives out the mice thanks to the smart contracts. So, for the first 2,000, you can mint freely. However, you need a gas fee for this. On the other hand, you can only mint the other 8,000 nice when you already own a mouse, staking it, and then minting your new mice.

The developer expatiated on the status of the NFTs by revealing the need to create an innovative concept. They believe this NFT may have a place as one of the few cool and intriguing creations in the growing industry. Eventually, the 10,000 nice will be available as users mint them. 

Staking Anonymice

This Ethereum-based NFT also has staking options to enable users to earn some attractive rewards. When you have a mouse, you can stake it for some period. For this staking period, it will no longer be in your wallet. But you will earn tokens as rewards for your stake.

Additionally, each mouse gets a reward of 1 $CHEETAH a day. So, if you have lots of mice, you can enjoy attractive benefits as you stake your NFTs.

Also, you can unstake it anytime you want, but you need to pay a gas fee when you want to claim your rewards. The rewards accumulate, meaning that you can claim them anytime you want. $CHEETAH is also very important. It would help if you had this token to mint new mice. Without it, you won’t get Anonymice.

Burning Anonymice

You can also burn your asset. Burning is an act, which removes your asset from the existing supply. However, burning is a bit different with Anonymice. You can burn your mouse to get another nice with new features like hats, etc. However, your burnt token is lost forever, so you cannot retrieve it. If you want to get mice with rarer features, you may burn your NFT. Presently, the community has burnt 6,550 mice, with only 3,550 mice in existence. Because burning involves removing an asset from the supply, it makes NFTs rarer, which could help the price growth.

Anonymice and its Blockchain Infrastructure

It’s an Ethereum-based asset, enabling you to access it on this blockchain. This is useful for keeping your asset even when the main site is no longer functional. And without the need for an API, you can access everything you need on Ethereum.


When minting the mice, you would notice that every token looks unique with different eyes, hats, and other features. And thanks to the system’s programming, mice get random features based on the smart contract’s choices. Also, all mice would have a unique code allocated to them. This helps the system differentiate one mice from the other.


Recently, the developers announced the minting of baby mice. A breeding program would allow Anonymice holders to breed babies. However, before they can breed, they need 2 Anonymice. Also, there will be a total supply of 3,550 mice during minting. As expected, the breeding program will be on-chain, keeping the transaction safer and more secure. You also need 50 $CHEETAH for the breeding.

Anonymice Project History

Reports show that Anonymice was officially announced on September 16, 2021. Because this project is new, many people have yet to know the details. According to reports, the project’s developers are two brothers. Also, one of the developers was the first to share details of the project on the CryptoPunks channel. Additionally, he explained the idea behind the project and the number of mice that users can mint.

How To Buy Anonymice Using OpenSea

Anonymice is NFT available on numerous marketplaces in the digital asset space. One of the most popular places to buy this NFT is OpenSea. This is a well-known marketplace for a series of digital products. Because you can easily buy your non-fungible token with OpenSea, this guide shows you how to Anonymice through OpenSea.

The first step is creating your OpenSea account. You would need to provide the necessary information to help secure the account. The next step is to connect your MetaMask wallet. After connecting it, you can now view the tokens you have.

You need to click on your OpenSea profile to download your MetaMask extension. After installation, you can click on the application to get started. If you don’t have a MetaMask account, you can create a new account, adding a name and password. You will also get the secret phrase and use it to open your account.

The next thing is connecting your OpenSea account with MetaMask. After doing this, you can proceed with buying Ethereum. You can choose to directly deposit your ETH or choose any other method you want. After some minutes, you will see your Ether in your account.

Now, you can proceed to buy the asset. It would help if you searched for “Anonymice” on the website to access available NFTs. Then click on “buy now” if you have seen your preferred mouse. Before finalizing the purchase, MetaMask will show you the total amount for the asset and the gas fee.


This is a unique token type as it operates fully as an on-chain NFT. If you are worried about security and stability, you can rest assured that the token is fully based on Ethereum. It also has some potentials, which may assure a brighter future as new features and developments come in.

Anonymice NFT
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Everything you need to know about Anonymice NFT  
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