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Step By Step Guide On How To Play DeFi Kingdoms

Thanks to the growing buzz surrounding non-fungible tokens in the gaming Industry. Creators are creating play-to-earn games while leveraging NFTs to create an avenue for players to earn money to supplement their income. DeFi Kingdoms is a special kind of game that incorporates decentralized finance and NFTs.

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This has helped the growing Industry attract interested users. Decentralized finance and NFTs are two booming Industries utilizing blockchain technology. Thanks to Bitcoin’s creation, users can enjoy the security and diversity of using this tech. Also, it’s safe to state the Industries are recording higher trading volumes with growing interest. In this article, we will be looking at DeFi Kingdoms and all the requirements needed to play this game.

What Is DeFi?

DeFi is a blockchain-based financial system that does not depend on intermediaries to settle transactions. This makes it significantly different from the traditional financial system. In the traditional financial system, users have to interact with a third party, such as banks or brokerage, before fulfilling their transactions.

In a way, this makes settlement slow and expensive. Also, it centralizes power—making banks have more power over our money. To remedy this, it leverages DeFi tech and smart contracts to ensure users enjoy a faster, safer, and cheaper financial system.

Presently, most DeFi providers are based on Ethereum. Because of Ethereum’s programmability, providers can utilize the system to provide lending, trading, borrowing, saving services. In some cases, providers offer amazing rates for their saving services, even more than the traditional system, making it a notable competition for banking systems.

What Is an NFT?

Non-fungible token (NFT) is one of the hottest industries existing today. Artists, creators, celebrities, and Influencers have joined the train to create their own NFTs and sell them at amazing prices. These tokens show ownership of a particular thing, which may be an artwork, a video or audiotape, or even pictures. There is no limit to what an NFT can be, making it a highly intriguing space.

With the growing interest in play-to-earn games, many providers utilize NFTs as payment for users. Those games have numerous NFTs with artistic designs and rarity levels to attract buyers. When buyers purchase these cards, they can stay speculative and sell for a higher cost. Also, it would help if you had these tokens to play Defi kingdoms. Without non-fungible tokens, you might not be able to access some special benefits attached to these cards.

What Is DeFi Kingdoms?

DeFi Kingdoms is a game created on Harmony—a blockchain. This game has numerous features, including its native currency known as $JEWEL and NFTs. This is not surprising as many play-to-earn games in the blockchain Industry have native tokens and non-fungible tokens for seamless system running.

The game also has internal features, such as background music, characters, and great additions. Users hoping to explore the DeFi Industry, it helps users access related services without intermediaries. Additionally, the game is one of the most played on Harmony, thanks to its outlook on non-fungible tokens. Presently, the project has millions locked, helping creators power and maintain the system. You can stake the game’s native token and benefit from the availability of liquidity. This helps it function as a decentralized exchange.

How To Get Started On DeFi Kingdoms

To get started, you need to visit the official website. After accessing the game, you will create your character, choosing preferred features. Also, it would be best if you connected to Harmony through MetaMask. If you don’t have this wallet, you need to create it before playing it.

Another requirement needed to play the game is tokens for gas fees. Without them, you cannot play it. The character you created is attached to your wallet—making it distinct. Also, you can view the game’s map showing different places with special properties.

Setting up your MetaMask can be quite technical, but you need to do this to play. Also, it would help if you had other vital things to play, such as your wallet being connected to Harmony and some $ONE tokens. Having your tokens allows you to access special jewels for special gameplay.

It’s safe to state that there is no application to play Defi kingdoms, but you can easily access it through the official website. You can play the game without difficulty after connecting it to your mobile MetaMask.


You can buy jewels from the game to do a series of things. For example, you can earn single-stake reward jewels. This helps you earn jewels after purchasing some. You need to go to the marketplace and communicate with a trader to do this. You can easily pick a coin in your MetaMask to convert to jewels. When you complete this swap, you now have some jewels.


Heroes are an essential aspect of the game. These NFTs have a certain degree of rarity amongst other NFTs. Besides being non-fungible tokens, these cards have some utility, such as experience bars and skills points. To make this better, the artworks for heroes are quite relaxing and great for the visuals. It would be best if you also had a hero to play quests.

This makes it easier for everyone to be part of the fun. There are also different ways to get heroes. You can convert some jewels to heroes or summon a hero. For the second part, you need to hold another hero to get this done. When you go to the tavern, you either buy a hero or sell yours to make money.


The decentralized finance sector has continued to witness the inflow of more projects. DeFi Kingdoms is one of the biggest NFT games out there. You can use it as a DEX and interact with it as a game. With this, traders can earn massive profits on both fronts.

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Step By Step Guide On How To Play DeFi Kingdoms  
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