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A Wise Crypto Investment in 2022 – What is Mina Crypto?

We have come really far enough to overlook something that is an elephant in the room. Speaking of an elephant in the room, the blockchain trilemma is still there and going bold enough. Despite an age-old magnificent adoption track record, blockchain still gasps for breath when you want scalability, security, and interoperability all at once.

Luke Bateman, spearheading the marketing and community management at Aluminate thinks ” blockchain has a wealth of potential for a variety of industries, but it finds itself challenged most heavily by scaling issues that are not unlike the early days of the internet.”

With that said, the question to raise is when are we going to find a solution? Or at better, are there protocols working on these lines? 

The good news is some projects have taken these things on a serious note and MINA is a front runner in this category.

What is Mina Crypto?

MINA crypto runs on a succinct blockchain that doesn’t look at all transactions. As a result, it makes block size compact. On top of this,  transactions are fast without compromising decentralization and security. 

Mina Crypto

How Does the Mina Protocol Work?

The Mina protocol works on ZK snarks that don’t reveal the transaction. As a result, validator nodes need not have to verify the transaction every time. This makes the blockchain fast, efficient, and scalable. Using the ZK snarks, MINA cuts down the block size eliminating high gas costs.

Mina crypto

Is MINA worth investing? 

Mina got listed at an over-valued price during its launch. As a result, investors got pessimistic about the token, and prices fell. At the moment, bearish sentiments prevail in the market. Hence MINA wouldn’t be a good investment to make. On top of this, with ETH 2.0 rollout due this year, most blockchains might suffer which promises decentralization, throughput, and scalability. Mina will be no exception. At the same time, some of the names from the crypto market like Crypto News and Wallet Investor have a negative outlook for Mina. Wallet Investor has predicted that Mina could go as low as $0.16. However, the crypto market is unpredictable and things change overnight. 

MINA/USD chart in 2021
Fig.1 MINA/USD chart in 2021

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Mina crypto
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A Wise Crypto Investment in 2022 – What is Mina Crypto?  

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