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What Are Lazy Lions?

Lazy Lions is one of the most recognizable NFTs for good reason. Today we dive into their NFT and what exactly makes this community ROAR!


  • What are Lazy Lions?
  • ROARwards & Bungalows
  • Latest News

What are Lazy Lions?

Lazy Lions (LL) is a 10K NFT collection built on the Ethereum Blockchain. Each LL is generated from 160 possible traits, including manes, hats, expressions, and more. With almost 5K unique holders and over 100K Discord members, it seems the pride is strong among this pack!

Minted on August 6th, the community of Kings and Queens has helped LL grow to become a Blue Chip NFT project within six months. They’ve been able to hold a strong floor of 1 ETH despite the current consolidation/breathing period of most NFTs in this cycle.

Owning a LL gives you VIP exclusive access to the Lazy Lion Private Island, located securely in a top-secret location on the ETH blockchain. If you’d like to see some available Lions, you can check on their OpenSea page here.

LL took the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) approach of creating an aesthetically pleasing PFP with exclusive access to a private club. They let the community “water and grow” the project organically, with some BAYC owners even adding Lazy Lions to their NFT portfolios.

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ROARwards & Bungalows

Roarwards is one of the many utilities your LL grants you. Once you own an LL, you’ll be able to connect your wallet and gain access to exclusive content, joining 4200 other members on their Discord and Twitter earning rewards. The Roarwards are evolving as they grow exponentially and will continue to serve the community, based on what collectors would like to use their rewards on.

Bungalows were introduced to the community in late September, and they’re free for LL collectors. Bungalows are an interesting concept to display your NFTs within your Twitter banner. Similar to a personal digital gallery, Bungalows will allow collectors to edit and interact with their current NFTs. Check out their customer editor, available here.

Perhaps ahead of its time, this could be an intriguing way to display all of your NFTs in one spot. The current floor price on the banners is 0.015 ETH, originally offered at 0.3 ETH when launched. You can view available Bungalows on their OpenSea page here.

Latest News

Additionally, bullish news is “roaring in” for the Lazy Lion community with the announcement that their NFT project will be launched on Coinbase’s highly anticipated NFT marketplace.

Along with the Coinbase announcement, the LL pack has rolled out its new official logo. The logo has been well received among the community, and new merchandise is ready to be dropped to holders!

Be sure to keep up with all Lazy Lion news on their Twitter and Discord!

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What Are Lazy Lions?

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