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5 NFT Trends for 2022 – You don’t Want to Miss the NFT Train!

The year 2021 was a great year for Non-Fungible Tokens. Many crypto enthusiasts went into buying and selling NFTs, and managed to make fortunes. Despite their relatively new appearance, the mainstream media knew how to push those NFT success stories. They did so of course to seek clicks and views. On the other hand, there are many developments to watch out for in 2022. If we manage to reach them, NFTs can become even more mainstream. Let’s talk about those 5 NFT trends that should occur in 2022.

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#1 Community Branding

When it comes to intellectual property, large corporations like Disney tend to own the rights to created characters. With NFTs and blockchain, the rights to a work of art can be shared without the author losing his entitlement to compensation. This means that works and collections can be branded by an entire community. In 2022, the large companies could therefore be interested in marketing their products through this community.

#2 Tokenization and Gaming

Gaming and NFTs is a symbiosis that found its way more and more into the crypto world. Especially in the metaverse, NFTs are now common as assets that can be collected or obtained. More and more classic game developers should use the metaverse and accordingly integrate NFTs as tokens in their games. Tokenization in gaming will be one of the biggest NFT trends in 2022.

#3 Web 3.0

One of the other NFT trends in 2022 will be Web 3.0. The term Web 3.0 describes a digital world in which ownership and rewards will be central cornerstones. This property can ideally be secured by NFTs. Games like Decentraland are harbingers of this new revolution in the digital world. 

#4 Music NFTs

The NFTs mostly took over the art market in 2021. The music industry should be the next area where NFTs spread. The first decentralized music labels have already emerged. Platforms like Stationhead can exist in the Metaverse and bring their own music closer to their users. Music NFTs could become one of the other hot NFT trends in 2022.

#5 Personality NFTs

Instead of works of art, NFTs could increasingly become personalities in the coming year. In the next 12 months, some well-known film and music artists could have their own NFT personalities created. Musicians could perform as a personality in the metaverse. This possibility offers great anonymity and security as well as an increase in reach for the artist. NFT trends in 2022 should include these personality NFTs as well.

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5 NFT Trends for 2022 – You don’t Want to Miss the NFT Train!  
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