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THIS is How Metaverse can Revolutionize The Virtual World

The Metaverse really took off in 2021. Several Metaverse tokens from the crypto sector experienced extreme price gains in autumn and winter. The renaming of the Facebook parent company to “Meta” pushed the topic further into the mainstream. In this article, we’ll talk about 3 ways in how the metaverse crypto could revolutionize the virtual world.

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#1 Metaverse Crypto provides Broad Accessibility

Until recently, virtual worlds (VR technologies) were considered something that futurologists theorized about and reported on as a future topic for what feels like 30 years, but has yet to find any practical use cases in the “real” world. The Metaverse could now bring virtual worlds to the general public.

The new metaverses from the blockchain area are virtual worlds in which everyone with internet access can participate. No expensive equipment or a lot of background knowledge is required for this. The Metaverse has the potential to bring virtual worlds to everyone in the world, regardless of race and social status.

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#2 User Individuality

The Metaverse brings with it the possibility that each individual user has the opportunity to design the virtual world as he wishes. Due to the intersections with NFTs, users will soon be able to design the digital worlds according to their own wishes. There are no limits to individuality.

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With games like Axie Infinity or Decentraland, individual features of the digital worlds, such as the users’ “pets”, the Axies, can be designed in a totally individual and unique way. Ultimately, the users benefit from this individuality, as they can trade and sell their “Axies” for the equivalent value. Something similar is possible with LAND in Decentraland.

#3 Total Control

In recent years, the Internet has increasingly become a place dominated by huge corporations. While the rise of tech giants like Google and Facebook has fueled an explosion of technology and opportunity on the web, it has also meant that these giant corporations, which are gaining more and more power, are increasingly dominating the virtual world. 

The power of the huge platforms could be replaced in a few years by their own user economy, in which the power emanates from the individual user. The term “Web 3.0” is making the rounds more and more.

The Metaverse could help restore power to the individual in the virtual world, revolutionizing the virtual world in the process. The blockchain should be the backbone of this new virtual world.

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THIS is How Metaverse can Revolutionize The Virtual World  

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