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Want to Become a Millionaire with NFT? – Use these Platforms and be Creative!

News recently broke that a student from Indonesia became a millionaire with an NFT selfie. Can you do something like this too? Earning millions with NFTs is of course difficult and requires a bit of luck. However, if you have a creative streak and want to create digital artworks yourself, we advise using solid NFT platforms. Let’s quickly recap what NFTs are, and recommend the best NFT marketplace around.

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What are Non-Fungible Tokens?

NFTs are basically digital ownerships tokens, that run on blockchains that support smart contracts, such as Ethereum. Their non-fungibility is similar to real-world contracts, where you can’t trade one contract to another, because the “actual content” differs from each other. Same things for NFTs, where you can’t interchange them as their underlying “contract” changes with each one, hence their non-fungible nature.

You might be asking, what’s the use of NFTs if those applications are already being used? Well, the keyword is “decentralized smart-contracts“. There’s something to that word that makes you feel….secure, no? Here is a list of real-life applications:

  • Identity Management
  • Artwork
  • Real Estate
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Gaming

NFT Millionaire? Use the Following NFT Platforms

#1 OpenSea

OpenSea is now the largest of the NFT platforms. The platform allows you to create, trade, buy and sell digital artworks. OpenSea offers a variety of different collections, in which some NFTs are sold for the equivalent of several thousand euros.

OpenSea was founded in 2017 and has now replaced Rarible as the number 1 among NFT platforms. Nowhere else will you find such a wealth of different collections. The platform is extremely easy to use.

#2 Rarible

Rarible is also one of the largest NFT platforms. Rarible used to have a larger trading volume than OpenSea. Nevertheless, on Rarible you have a good opportunity to create your own NFTs and offer them for sale within a collection.

Rarible has a strong individual focus on the artists. The creation process for NFTs is very convenient and individual. With its broad support for multiple blockchains, Rarible is a key competitor for OpenSea.


FTX is one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world. In October, FTX began offering NFTs based on the Solana blockchain. These NFT collections caused quite a stir last year. Meanwhile, FTX has already topped up its NFTs with Ethereum-based collections.

FTX NFT is among the NFT platforms that are relatively new. As a new feature, the main platform FTX continues to push its new collections. You can also offer your NFTs here and, with a lot of luck, earn large sums with your own collections.

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Want to Become a Millionaire with NFT? – Use these Platforms and be Creative!  

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