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What Everyone Should Know About Terra LUNA Crypto in 2022

The digital asset space is home to many projects, creating an avenue for users to access new opportunities. For instance, when investors buy into the new projects, which have had a successful run, they would likely record massive gains. One of the biggest coins making many gains is Terra (LUNA). While Luna has faced some controversies, it continues to be one of the best performers in the digital space.

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What is LUNA Crypto?

Luna is the native token of Terra, and it has skyrocketed in the past few days. Since the end of last year, the asset has risen to over 20%, according to charts from CoinGecko. This has helped it earn a position amongst the top 10 cryptocurrencies in the digital asset space. It also hit a new high last year, attaining the $103 price range.

While it has slightly dropped from its all-time high, it continues to be one of the hottest assets in the crypto space. This comes as a shock, especially since Luna was around $1 at the beginning of 2021. It has grown exponentially, creating an opportunity for investors to record massive profits.

The coin remains bullish against all odds, especially with Bitcoin’s recent fall. However, traders can sell off the asset anytime to secure their gains. Still, market charts show that long traders have been dominant, holding on to the market while others short.

Some experts believe that the coin has been able to recover faster than its peers when it falls and has also leveraged the market’s volatility to record high gains within a short period. It’s safe to understand an asset before moving to understand it. While Luna continues to grow, potential investors should understand that the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, meaning that things can change fast.

What Is Terra LUNA Crypto About?

Terra is currently one of the hottest projects in the market, which is why many investors are interested in investing in it. Founded by Do Kwon and Daniel Shin, this project has existed for over 3 years. Terra is essential a project that leverages decentralized finance (DeFi) technology to create a platform for rendering financial services.

The protocol creates stablecoins, usually pegged to currencies or other cryptocurrencies. For instance, many ecosystems create stablecoins pegged to the dollar to assure asset stability. This makes it easy for users to access financial services, such as saving, lending, or borrowing money. Previously, it was only the traditional financial system that encompassed financial services. However, things have changed, helping crypto and digital asset enthusiasts to enjoy decentralized services.

Additionally, Terra is also one of the largest DeFi protocols in the space. With over $18 billion in total value locked, many people seem interested in being part of project growth despite the growing regulations on DeFi projects.

How Terra Works?

It is safe to state that many blockchains are moving from proof-of-work to a more efficient and energy-saving approach called proof-of-stake. This protocol claims it utilizes a proof of stake mechanism, making it a better way to save energy and exert less pressure on natural resources.

There has been a lot of talks regarding crypto mining. Some people believe that Bitcoin and the altcoins impact the environment negatively due to the high energy needed for mining. However, things might be better as many blockchains embrace proof-of-stake for faster and more effective mining.

Because Terra is pegged to the US dollar, it follows the movement of the fiat currency, helping it maintain stability, primarily when used during financial transactions. Thanks to the algorithm, users holding Terra don’t have to worry about volatility associated with digital assets because of fiat currency’s stability.

What Fueled LUNA’s Growth?

Luna has continually recorded massive gains even while other assets struggle to regain stability. While 2021 wasn’t the best year for the digital asset space, it attained its most incredible high recently. Many investors see Luna as a lucrative venture, thereby investing lots of money, helping the decentralized finance industry grow.

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is an industry known for helping users access financial services from the comfort of their homes. While traditional financial systems might require many protocols, which tend to be time-wasting, users can bypass this through DeFi. Today, this space remains one of the biggest emerging Industries, which may continue to remain relevant as humans are always in need of financial services.

Another reason for Luna’s growth could be the outlook on DeFi. Many investors are willing to test the waters and understand how this technology could help them record new gains. Thankfully, the asset jumped from below $1 around the beginning of 2021 to $84 when the year ended.

It is safe to mention that Terra has successfully pushed other assets from the top 10 list. It has bypassed Litecoin, Shiba Inu, and even Doge. And some people believe that the benefits associated with this project fueled the new growth. Many people see potential in Terra, pushing them to buy into its native token to support the project and grow socially. This is quite common amongst assets in the crypto space.

Benefits Of Terra as a Crypto Project

Terra has some benefits, which may help you make a purchase decision. Before buying an asset, it’s essential to understand how it works and how the market influences its price growth. While not every project with a lot of potential becomes successful, you can reduce failure rates by extensively researching and spending what you can afford to lose.

One of Terra’s significant benefits is that it has helped stablecoin development. Stablecoins are unique digital assets pegged to crypto or a fiat currency. This makes some stable and a means to transact without worrying about price drops. When you change your assets to a stablecoin, you can rest assured that the value stays this way. However, it doesn’t record notable gains also. If you want to invest in a lucrative venture, Stablecoins are not suited for that.

Another advantage associated with Terra is the use of decentralized applications. Decentralized applications run on the blockchain of networks and not a centralized body. This makes them more inclusive and community-centered.

Should You Invest In Luna Crypto in 2022?

Choosing to invest in an asset is a personal choice. However, research is crucial in all instances. When you have completed your research, you can finally decide if the coin is worth your money. Still, Luna has a lot of potential and may help the DeFi industry record more investors, especially as it continues to record gains.

You should invest in it when you believe that you can take the risk and won’t be affected even when things turn sideways. However, if you can’t take the risk, cryptocurrencies might not be for you. Also, the growing regulations on DeFi could significantly affect the market in the future. When governments push to regulate this market, it could adversely affect related providers.

Terra luna crypto - LUNA/USD 1-day chart showing the uptrend of LUNA
Fig.1 LUNA/USD 1-day chart showing the uptrend of LUNA – TradingView


Terra is one of the most significant projects in the digital asset space, giving access to decentralized finance services. Additionally, Luna’s native token has recorded massive gains with a one-year space, making it an attractive choice for most crypto enthusiasts. However, you need to understand if you can take risks on this asset because of volatility. Digital assets and cryptocurrencies can be risky due to their volatility.

Terra Luna crypto
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What Everyone Should Know About Terra LUNA Crypto in 2022  

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