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3 Important Developments Needed for Cryptos in 2022

What will the crypto market bring in 2022? In the past year, we saw an extremely large number of exciting developments. In the new year, we should not only see further price jumps, but also a lot of interesting developments. Let’s talk about 3 necessary trends for cryptos 2022. If those get apply, we should definitely see the crypto market rise and Bitcoin closer to 100K.

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#1 Metaverse 2022 – A Broader Adoption

At the latest, the announcement by Facebook of the renaming of the parent company to “Meta” triggered an extreme hype about the Metaverse. This digital space is also provided by numerous blockchain projects. In particular, games like Axie Infinity or The Sandbox triggered an unexpected hype last year with their play-to-earn principle.

This hype should carry over into 2022. The possibilities in the area of ​​the decentralized metaverse are limitless. Digital objects can be offered as NFTs within the metaverse. Big companies are recognizing these incredibly interesting opportunities more and more and are investing large sums in the metaverses. The Metaverse will continue to accompany us in the crypto market in 2022.

#2 NFT and Tokenization

With the next trend, we come back to the NFTs. These non-exchangeable tokens have become a proven technology in 2021. The art market has been completely turned upside down by the NFTs. More and more digital auctions, in which ordinary people can also participate, are taking place. 

The process of tokenization describes the conversion of a physical object into the form of a digital token, such as from the NFT. This trend is not only advancing in the art market. The area of ​​tokenization could explode in the crypto market in 2022. The NFTs and their diffusion will play an important role in this.

#3 Hybrid Blockchains

The trend of hybrid blockchains could get particularly hot in the crypto market in 2022. Classic blockchains have always struggled with known problems such as scalability, long and expensive transactions, and high computing effort. This is particularly a problem of the proof-of-work consensus mechanism. Ethereum is currently switching to proof-of-stake.

Hybrid blockchains can use various consensus mechanisms. This saves a significant part of the energy consumed and makes the blockchains more efficient. Transactions can be carried out on sidechains, which relieves the main network and thus massively increases scalability. 

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3 Important Developments Needed for Cryptos in 2022  

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