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CardanoCube listed ADALend dApp, something new?

CardanoCube listed ADALend dApp, something new? 15

CardanoCube successfully listed Cardano Proof-of-stake network backed protocol ADALend dApp. 

Cardano is a 6th ranked crypto project in the crypto industry. This crypto project is known for its real use cases based works in crypto & blockchain development. According to reports, Cardano was one of the top crypto projects in the crypto industry of 2021, which showed higher crypto Developer activities. Thanks to Alonzo Hardfork in the Cardano Blockchain network, which introduced smart contract features in the Cardano Blockchain network. Right now huge numbers of crypto projects are under development and deployment in the Cardano ecosystem. 

ADALend is a decentralized Cardano smart contract-based platform, which will enable the potential of the ADA holders to take loans in the fully decentralized medium on the Cardano Blockchain network. The recent hype about this project hinted that ADALend is going to the next-level crypto project in the Cardano ecosystem and all the ADA, native token of Cardano, holders will be able to get easy loans without going through any centralized services. 

In the latest, CardanoCube listed ADALend. If any person wants to understand and know details about the AdAlend protocol then that person can visit to CardanoCube. 

CardanoCube is a crypto project tracking website in the Cardano ecosystem. Through the voting system, Cardano enthusiasts can vote on the projects, to give a better hint of what the majority of the Cardano community thinks about that particular project in the Cardano ecosystem. So basically it is a better option for people to understand whether a particular project is better or not to use or invest in. 

Cardano (ADA) getting lack of support in price 

The recent few days confirmed that the Cardano team is doing their best to make the Cardano Blockchain network better in the crypto industry but a native token of the Cardano project is not getting better support in terms of price. 

Right now the price of ADA is $1.35 and If we compare this price of ADA against the last 3 months, then we will find that it is down by more than 41%.  

CardanoCube listed ADALend dApp, something new? 14

This is a very disappointing thing for the ADA coin holders because, in the top 5-6 coins, this is the only ADA coin, which is facing such a huge plunge. 

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CardanoCube listed ADALend dApp, something new?

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