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Popular crypto influencer bullish on ETH, Matic, Elrond

Popular crypto influencer bullish on ETH, Matic, Elrond 14

Newzealand-based crypto influencer and analyst explained why he is confident with Ethereum, Matic & Elrond. 

After the end of 2021, the majority of the experts are sharing their predictions and expectations in the crypto industry. The majority of the crypto analysts and experts said that 2022 will not be much better than 2021 and it will follow a less bullish pattern over 2021. Besides all types of predictions, there are few analysts, which are giving genuine reasons behind their expectations based on the best crypto assets for 2022. 

LArk Davis is a crypto influencer and also a popular analyst in this crypto industry. Around 10 days ago, he published a video on YouTube that he is very confident with a total of three crypto-assets. 

On Ethereum, David said that the second biggest crypto asset Ethereum may hit $20,000 during this bull cycle. 

“I believe that Ethereum will be a five-digit asset, and we could see a $20,000 Ethereum before this cycle finally rolls over and dies..”

Further, he explained that Ethereum is getting better support in the community through the Layer2 scaling solution and also it is moving from Proof-of-work to Proof-of-stake Consensus. So this is going to change history in terms of economic out of view. 

“We have the move to proof of stake coming for Ethereum. That’s massive beyond belief. We’re moving from proof of work, which is horrifically inefficient, over to proof of stake which will fundamentally change the economics for Ethereum”

And also he explained that Ethereum is moving toward becoming more inflationary in 2022. Probably it will have 90% deflation against the total created Ethereum. 

On the Elrond ($EGLD), David noted that Elrond will launch its own Exchange just like Uniswap exchange, where we will be able to trade the tokens with USDC. And also that will have support with the Centralized exchange. 

On the Matic (Polygon), David noted that the Polygon is doing much better, and also many Dapps are moving toward the Polygon network. Besides the adoption of Polygon, the team is planning to burn more match coins and it may touch $10 easily but it will be a matter of time to touch $10. 

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Popular crypto influencer bullish on ETH, Matic, Elrond

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