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SOS Airdrop – How To Claim The NFT Community Token!

We are certain that you heard about the SOS airdrop by now. It’s a token to OpenSea users, which aims to bring together and bootstrap the NFT community by allowing wallets to claim tokens proportional to their activity on the largest NFT marketplace. Besides airdropping tokens to OS users, it has also reserved parts of the total supply for staking/LP incentives and for the OpenDAO, tasked with supporting NFT art and the artists, compensating victims, and providing developer grants. It’s a wide-scale experiment in NFT community coordination and looks like it just might succeed. So, how can you claim it?

SOS Airdrop - Start Claim
SOS Airdrop – Start Claim

How To Claim The SOS Airdrop

You can begin by visiting the official website here and connecting the wallet.

SOS Airdrop – Connect Wallet

Once the wallet has been connected, the interface will display the SOS airdrop balance and the calculation, based on the amount spent, the number of transactions on OpenSea, and the multiplier used to assess the final balance. After reviewing, click Claim Airdrop and approve the transaction in the wallet.

Basic Information

Contract: 0x3b484b82567a09e2588a13d54d032153f0c0aee0

Circulating Supply: 39.89 trillion (39,895,439,517,782)

Maximum Supply: 100 trillion (100,000,000,000,000)



Official Discord:

Within hours of its launch, the OpenDAO SOS token was listed on major exchanges such as KuCoin, FTX, Huobi Global, OKEx,, etc, apart from the decentralized staples such as SushiSwap and Uniswap. This indicates the exchanges sensing community interest and realizing what OpenDAO would eventually become. The initial working of the DAO has revolved around the same structure formation, moving funds to a multi-sig wallet, trying to launch the initial staking program, and looking for partnerships with other community-based NFT projects, looking to tap into the huge OpenDAO user base. Would we see an OpenSea competitor sooner than later? Only time will tell.

sos airdop claim opensea nft community
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SOS Airdrop – How To Claim The NFT Community Token!  
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