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What is Skale Network and How To Buy It?

The road to adoption may not sound simple in the blockchain space. To this day, most blockchains suffer from scalability and throughput challenges. Though some developments have happened across the blockchain trilemma challenge, still it ain’t enough. That’s where the Skale Network has pitched in to make a difference. 

What is the Skale Network?

Skale as an open-source elastic blockchain speeds up the Dapp development. The blockchain works side-ways with the Ethereum chain to provide security and a better user experience. Hence fixing the transaction throughput, finality, and high gas cost issues. This in turn increases the storage capacity of the base layer. Thus broadening the horizon of use-cases on the base layer. 

Is Skale Network Worth Investing?

Scalability and high throughput are the need of the hour in the blockchain space. If the technology goes mainstream in 2022 as anticipated by recent investment sentiments, it would need more scope for expansion. In such times, if enterprises embrace DLT, they can’t withstand a crypto-kitty event. Hence projects that empower the base layer are bound to explode. Skale Network has the potential to bring DeFi, NFT, and Metaverse to the masses. With 2022  expected to be the year for  NFTs and metaverse, Skale is a good investment. It will help users transact ETH for negligible fees. With layer 2’s like Polygon exploding, Skale would most probably meet the same fate.


What is the future price prediction of Skale Network?


In 2022, Skale could reach $0.34 as its highest level. The average trading zone would hover around $0.25 to $0.29 levels.


2023 might see further adoption of Skale pushing the prices within the $0.43 to $0.49 levels.


In 2024-25, BTC halving would happen to push all crypto prices to the sky as in the past. Having said that, Skale could go as high as $0.73 to $1.33.

SKL/USD Price since its first public listing
Fig.1 SKL/USD Price since its first public listing

How to Buy Skale Token on Binance? 

Skale is listed on Binance. You can buy Skale Network tokens by doing the following steps.

Step 1

Visit and click on Register 

Step 2

Once you click on Register, the following screen will appear. Fill in the details

Step 3

Once the registration is complete, click on Funds then deposit.

Step 4

Choose from the token ticker and copy the address. 

Step 5

To copy the address, look at the deposit address as shown by the side of the token. 

Step 6

If the deposit is processed, check your balance by clicking on funds and then balance. 

Step 7

 The newly updated balance will look like this.

Place order for Skale Token

Step 8

Go to exchange and pick the basics trade option.

Step 9

A tab would open like shown in the image. Select your token with balance. Here, we are picking BTC. 

Step 10

Place the buy order for Skale Token. Once someone is willing to execute at your price level, BTC will get deducted and you will receive Skale tokens in exchange for the same.

There are other options as well where you can directly swap your BTC for Skale token by visiting the Trade option on Binance and swapping your existing token balance for Skale. 

I hope the tutorial was useful and you just bought your first Skale Token today. 

Skale Network
Skale Network© Cryptoticker

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What is Skale Network and How To Buy It?  
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