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BAT Price Prediction 2022: Market Analysis and Opinions

More and more people are flocking to this blockchain to get paid to watch ads, and that’s certainly getting the attention of marketers – and in turn, improving the prospects of BAT price prediction. It brings millions of dollars in terms of trading volume every day. 

The Basic Attention Token offers a straightforward way for users to supplement income by watching ads for money and content creation. BAT has managed to establish strong revenue pipelines, including its popular Brave browser that now has more than 50 million active users.   

BAT Price Prediction | Introduction

At the time of writing this BAT coin price prediction, BAT was trading at $0.6974, according to data on CoinMarketCap. The market cap of the BAT network at this price was nearly $1.1 billion, fully diluted to $1.1 billion. 

BAT is the native currency of the Basic Attention Swap network, where it powers the ecosystem bringing together users, creators, and advertisers into a value creation cycle. Being the first crypto app to have more than one million users, BAT price prediction has a lot going for it. 

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The company is a leader in making crypto and DeFi accessible and useable by more people. BAT is pushing to bring crypto to the next one-billionth user, and its successes so far have rattled the antennas of traders – let’s look into this bullish BAT crypto price prediction narrative. 

BAT Price Prediction: Technical Analysis

Before looking at what other traders think of BAT crypto prediction, it is important that we study the recent price action to identify areas of opportunity, strength, weakness, and threats. Here is a summary of BAT crypto trading prices:

MonthOpen PriceClosing PriceMonth High
January 2022$1.21$0.8535$1.36
December 2021$1.46$1.21$1.64
November 2021$0.9951$1.46$1.92
October 2021$0.6322$0.9951$1.45
September 2021$0.8157$0.6322$1.00
August 2021$0.6512$0.8157$0.902
July 2021$0.6139$0.6512$0.6512

BAT coin might avoid crashing to $0.43 if it holds on to vital support at $0.52. The coin is currently feeling the pressure of a massive crash due to the drop in BTC price, alongside other altcoins. Hence, it is tagging a vital and wide support area that is keeping it from crashing lower for the time being. 

So far, BAT has dropped 22% in the span of two weeks after failing to move past the monthly open at $1.21. This downswing, however, has opened BAT coin price prediction for a retest of a 7-day demand zone, ranging from $0.5602 to 0.6368. 

The barrier is pivotal in keeping BAT’s price from crashing lower. Supposing BTC is able to stabilize and embark on a quick uptrend, BAT will likely recover and make a run for the immediate resistance barrier at $0.943.

Such a move will constitute a 20% ascent from the current position. Supporting this bullish BAT crypto price prediction is the uptick in on-chain volume since early February. Interestingly, BAT’s price has declined during that period, suggesting a divergence and forecasting a quick run-up. 

BAT Price Prediction
Source: TradingView

Alternative BAT Price Prediction: Technical Analysis

The support level ranging from $0.52 to $0.6368 is relatively strong, but it overlaps with the 7-day demand zone mentioned above. Therefore, traders should watch BAT’s price to make a run for the resistance barrier at $1.21.

 BAT Price Prediction
Source: TradingView

This technical perspective assumes that BAT price will see a resurgence of bullish BAT price prediction momentum due to a strong showing on the BTC price charts. However, a failure to pull through from this level due to an increase in sell-side pressure could see BAT’s price drop lower. 

If BAT produces a daily candlestick below $0.52, it will validate the bearish BAT price prediction and push BAT crypto to the historical support level at $0.4253. This move could present a window of opportunity for side-lined buyers to open long positions.  

BAT Price Prediction: Market Opinions 

The opinion of traders could unpause the rally for BAT with enough buy orders to reverse course. In this section, let’s consider the sentiments on the trading floor to gauge whether traders are leaning on a bearish or bullish BAT price prediction. 

BAT Price Forecast for February – March


TradingBeast predicts a bottom reversal pattern that could form at the current support level at $0.79. This move could set up a bullish formation on BAT price forecast for February – March that forecasts a reversal for $0.93 to give rise to a new trend with an expected maximum price of $1.16.

Long Forecast

Long Forecast identifies signs of a move higher, but bulls could fail to follow through in the next two months and reveal an ongoing consolidation. Going forward, traders can expect to see explosive moves as the BAT price forecast for February – March taps support for a move on $0.96. 

BAT Price Prediction for the Rest of the Year


WalletInvestor BAT price prediction for the rest of the year is bullish at $1.24. BAT price will set up a bullish breaker formation, which could deliver a higher high followed by the validation of the demand zone to continue heading higher in search of stable support.


DigitalCoin eyes a correction on the BAT price chart that could catapult the coin to follow a bullish price pattern and head for $0.90. It proposes that BAT could breach the resistance barrier above it and attempt a relief rally aiming for explosive moves within the year. 

BAT Price Forecast for the Next Year


Gov.Capital suggests BAT could retrace after falling on vital support, cutting short the downward trend at the demand zone. A bounce off this area could set the stage for a bullish BAT price forecast for the next year at $1.28. 


PricePrediction is bullish as it eyes a 25% advance as BAT reaches an inflection point. The BAT price forecast for the next year projects the crypto going up, indicating the bullish BAT price prediction is intact. This forecast eyes support at $0.93 and $0.96 with the possibility of testing $1.10. 

Cryptocurrency Experts and Influencers 

Crypto Earner targets a BAT price prediction of $2 owing to the fact that the price charts hint at a trend reversal as it approached a vital support floor. A retesting of this barrier could complete the reversal, starting the uptrend aiming for a new all-time high. 

Meloneusk suggests BAT has faced a solid rejection on the support level as it pierced a crucial resistance area leading to a massive correction. Moving forward, this BAT price prediction eyes a move on a new all-time high at $4.5. 

Latest News and Happenings Concerning BAT

Grayscale, the biggest cryptocurrency asset manager with over $30 billion in Assets under Management, recently launched five new products. Among them was BAT crypto. This product allows high volume investors to invest in BAT, which resulted in explosive moves to new highs.

In 2021, the BAT ecosystem experienced significant growth as Brave browser grew over 2x to 50.2 million monthly active users, allowing more than 8 million users to earn BAT through Brave Rewards. These figures make BAT the 11th most distributed token by on-chain holders. If you want to keep safe your BAT coins, you can keep them on Trust Wallet.

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BAT Price Prediction: Verdict

Having earned plaudits for the successful pivot of its Brave browser and other products, BAT appears as a solid addition to your crypto portfolio in 2022. The BAT price prediction is bullish as BAT crypto continues to dazzle cryptocurrency investors. In conclusion, BAT price prediction can be as promising as HEX price prediction.

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BAT Price Prediction 2022: Market Analysis and Opinions


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