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Everything You Should Know About The RTFKT Project

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding digital products and artifacts, particularly because of metaverses. Many firms have created platforms and spaces to encourage the growth and sales of digital products. RTFKT is one of the newest firms interested in pivoting the creation of digital arts. It’s safe to mention that many firms believe that the metaverse will revolutionize blockchain technology, and it may drive more people into the industry. That said, it’s crucial to understand what the RTFKT crypto project is about. In this article, we will be looking into the key details of the RTFKT project to understand what it stands for in the sector.

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What Is RTFKT?

RFFKT claims to be a creator-led organization. It also boasts of leveraging the latest game engines, non-fungible tokens, augmented reality, and others with the required expertise to create unique sneakers and digital artifacts. The firm’s in the digital asset space shows how the fashion industry hopes to leverage and partner with other companies in the industry.

Nike’s Acquisition

This may accelerate interest in blockchain technology and help users access better ways to generate wealth. Also, Nike recently acquired a sneakers firm to explore the metaverse. One of the most prominent companies focused on creating sportswear, Nike, explained that it wants to acquire the virtual sneakers firm. While not a lot of information was given regarding the deal, it’s safe to mention that the shoemaker may accelerate the growth of virtual products.

Today, Nike is prepared to create virtual sneakers after filling new trademarks, specifically for virtual shoes and apparel. Other firms have also indicated an interest in bringing similar products to the virtual world. For instance, Facebook has rebranded as Meta, focusing on the metaverse. It assured that the metaverse would change how the internet works, adding value to human life.

What Is The Metaverse?

On the 28th of October, Facebook rebranded as Meta, accelerating the interest in the metaverse. While some argue that the metaverse has previously existed, others see it as a new technology, hoping to change it from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0. In 1992, he was one of the first few people to use “metaverse.” Metaverse combines different techniques, such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and other forms. In the metaverse, people can connect and interact with other people through technology. Without technology, you cannot access the metaverse. Facebook, which is the first mainstream film to delve into the concept in recent times, hopes to invest heavily in virtual reality. Virtual reality or VR is a technology that simulates the real world. Most virtual games allow players to interact with products in the game and build a life outside the real world.


In 2020, Steven Vasilev, Chris Le, and Benoit Pagotto founded RTFKT, making it one of the first platforms to create virtual sneakers. However, after the acquisition, RTFKT released an official website on the main platform to share the news. This is to inform the public and clarify previous doubts on the acquisition. Nike’s chief Executive officer, John Donahoe, spoke on the latest purchase. He assured that the acquisition would allow the platform to serve athletes and creators efficiently. Also, RTFKT’s Benoit Pagotto said that the company would benefit from the acquisition, particularly because of Nike’s expertise. He added that the company is the only business globally that focuses on innovation and creativity. With this new acquisition, NFT and crypto enthusiasts are hoping to grow.

What Are NFTs?

Non-fungible tokens are the bedrock of the creative industry. These tokens show ownership of a particular digital product. These digital products may be artworks, music, pictures, and even sneakers. This medium has helped artists generate wealth, and it has also made the industry attractive to the mainstream.

While the mainstream is particularly familiar with Bitcoin and Ethereum, many users may not understand NFTs. NFTs are unique tokens that cannot be replaced with another token. For instance, with Bitcoin, a fungible token, you can easily replace it with another Bitcoin. However, this is not the case for NFTs because they are highly unique.

Because of this uniqueness, many NFTs are worth a lot of money, encouraging more digital products creation. Other mainstream celebrities are also interested in exploring this new industry. Many artists, singers, and photographers have joined the space to benefit from the non-fungible token space’s hype. This accelerated the growth of many NFTs, such as CryptoPunks, Beeple’s crossroad, and many others.

The Demand For Digital Property

It’s no news that digital properties that in high demand, especially with the numerous products that have skyrocketed in value over time. In 2019, statistics show that users spent over $100 billion on digital goods. The demand for digital products also exists in the fashion industry, where many fashion brands have explored blockchain technology.

In 2019, The Fabricant and Johanna Jaskowska created a virtual dress sold through blockchain technology. While the dress never physically existed, it sold for $9,500, making it one of the earliest presence of NFTs in the industry. Another instance where fashion brands have explored digitalization is when Gucci created a video game digital collection. The digital clothes were for online characters and never existed physically.

Fashion Brands Embracing Blockchain Blockchain system essentially records information that is impossible to change or cheat. This makes it safe and secure for users. While the crypto industry is one of the earliest users of blockchain tech, other Industries have embraced it for improving products and services. One of the most profound industries leveraging blockchain is the fashion industry.

The fashion industry has existed for a long time and will continue as demand grows. Because of its dynamic nature, the industry has embraced all forms of tech for growth and improvement. RTFKT is a popular fashion brand that focuses on digital products. It creates artifacts and fashion products, such as virtual sneakers. So, if you love sneakers, you may want to check out digital sneakers on the platform.

One of the major avenues where the industry uses blockchain is creating non-fungible tokens. Fashion brands can create virtual clothes, shoes, bags, and other items, specifically for metaverse usage. While these clothes don’t exist physically, they are unique and special.

Another way fashion brands can benefit from the tech is to stop counterfeits. Counterfeiting is a persistent problem in the fashion and creative industry. Many bad actors make counterfeits of products, thereby affecting sales. While many businesses leverage other methods to counter the act by creating serial numbers, watermarks, and barcodes, experts believe blockchain may be more efficient.

Thankfully, many businesses are fighting this menace by leveraging blockchain technology as an efficient method to find products not registered on the blockchain easily. Since the system is incorruptible, hacking or cheating is close to impossible. This essentially prevents people from buying counterfeit products, thereby bringing more sales for brand owners. While blockchain technology is still developing, experts believe it may prevent fraud and counterfeiting in the society.


Digital products are in-demand assets in the world today. This is because they allow generating wealth and being part of new trends. RTFKT, like many other companies, focuses on the fashion industry. It leverages blockchain technology to create accessories. This affords enthusiasts to own beautiful and unique accessories that may be part of the metaverse.

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Everything You Should Know About The RTFKT Project  

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