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Cardano founder says crypto-assets are a haven: war situations

Cardano founder says crypto-assets are a haven: war situations 13

Charles Hoskinson shared his thoughts on the current geopolitical situations for the crypto Industry. 

Charles Hoskinson is the founder of Cardano blockchain Network and he is the chief executive officer of Cardano developer team IOHK. Usually, he remains active on social media to share about the market situation against the current ongoing situation in the non-crypto world and also remains ready to respond to the questions on his Cardano blockchain. 

On 21 February, Charles Hoskinson appeared in a YouTube Ask me anything surprise session. Through the AMA session, Charles noted that we should focus on the adoption of this decentralized industry instead of focusing on panic and war situations, which are not actually in our hands. 

“What that translates to is global adoption of cryptocurrencies above and beyond a few tens of millions of people, but billions of people…”

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According to the Cardano founder, this geopolitical situation ( Ukraine vs Russia) is a panic situation but this situation is merely a step towards a more egalitarian future. 

Charles said that he is curious about the working of crypto and traditional market together. He said that the crypto assets Market should work on a countercyclical path. 

Charles added:

“It makes no sense at all because if we’re going to war, and we’re worried about inflation and chaos and tragedy you would think the opposite would be true. That, as instability occurs here, that crypto-assets are a haven..”

Charles also noted the current rapid up and downs in crypto market and claimed that we have to focus on the long-term projects, which are based on actual utilities and use cases because such projects can bring changes in the real world. 

“a real purpose in five years, ten years, fifteen years, things are going to look better.”

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Cardano founder says crypto-assets are a haven: war situations

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