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How is INX Security Token Transforming Finance?

SEC and CFTC’s stance on cryptocurrencies has gone to a new low after the Tether and Ripple fiasco. As a result, Gary Genslar, the chairman of the SEC has stressed taking necessary countermeasures to safeguard investors’ interest while trading in cryptocurrencies. Such moves stifle innovation as apparent from Coinbase’s strict embargo on its product launch. However, despite such a harsh stance on cryptos, a few exceptions do exist and INX is the best example worth mentioning over here. SEC supports this exchange token; as a result, it is emerging as a front runner for regulated training and blockchain assets.

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What is INX? 

INX exchange is the holding company of the INX Group which allows trading in digital and crypto assets after meeting all the compliances put forward by the regulatory authorities. It empowers economically deprived classes by giving them more chances to participate and invest in world-class assets.

Such upsides were enough to pique investors’ interest. The result was $83 million raised in initial funding to speed up their project progress by improving the blockchain and crypto industry to function within a regulated framework.

How INX Limited became blockchain’s first of many firsts? 

The INX token is powered by the INX exchange which works as security as well as a utility token within the INX ecosystem. At the time of writing, INX token is the front runner or leading the security token race worldwide. It has received clearance from SEC and FINRA; hence, due to these advantages, the market cap of INX tokens has reached a staggering figure of $330,000,000, outsmarting renowned security tokens like tZero.

With an unprecedented rise in its token holders from 7250 to 7829 and a 298% increase in token value over a year’s time, INX token has well positioned itself as the leader of the digital wave poised to change lives economically. 

How to Buy INX Token? 

INX Token has dual characteristics working both as security as well as a utility token. The upside of holding such a token is holders receive a percentage distribution in operating cash flow; 40% in the case of INX tokens. These tokens are further used for economical fee payments within the INX ecosystem. If users utilize other tokens, they have to pay additional validation charges.

Buyers need to visit the official website of the exchange for buying INX tokens if they so wish. The reason for the same is the contract database ecosystem with a restricted total supply of 200 million tokens only. This doesn’t allow INX tokens to be listed on any exchange platform.

How Can INX Token Revolutionize Finance? 

Investors want to dodge inflation through a diversified investment portfolio. In this pursuit, security tokens have emerged as an amenable choice. They derive value from tangible assets and even fractionalize them. For example, think about buying a fraction of land in Dubai or New York through STO or Security Token Offering. 

Such traits of security tokens make them a hit among investors. INX tokens tokenize land, building, farms, old paintings, rare whiskey, luxury watches, or classic cars, company shares, and bonds in a digital space.  In this way, people get more exposure to these assets and the ability to cash out at any point in time.

How To Store Security Tokens? 

Security, as well as utility tokens, could be stored in a hardware wallet for security. Using the hardware wallets, the user can keep the private key offline and away from the hacker’s reach.

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How is INX Security Token Transforming Finance?  

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