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Envoverse, a DAO NFT Initiative, Rides the Metaverse Wave by Launching NFTs

Envoverse is the DAO NFT initiative that wants to support the climate by donating the NFT profits to multiple impactful “save the climate” organizations.

Envoverse, a DAO NFT initiative, rides the Metaverse wave by launching NFTs with fully rigged 3D avatars, ready for Decentraland, TheSandbox, Horizon & more as popular Metaverse virtual reality platforms.
These NFTs can also be used in social media, like Twitter Blue.
Envoverse NFT holders get voting rights on the green fund DAO, where 90% of the money goes!
The goal is to collect an impactful amount of funding via NFT sales to have a serious impact on climate-saving initiatives.
A five year plan is in place to fundamentally improve the climate (with partners like, WWF or Greenpeace).
The team behind it, Envolabs, is doxxed to make sure the profits go to the right organizations.

Idea Behind Envoverse

The crypto sector doesn’t have a good reputation concerning the environment. We want to change that by showing that NFT holders really do care, we go for Real World Impact.
The carbon impact of the initial NFT minting will be neutralized by planting 500.000 trees to start with (offsetting).
Each NFT can be used to walk and talk in VR and AR, importable to games & videos.
Envos, as the NFTs are called, will have more and more carbon neutralizing features.
It’s one of the first real 3D projects in the NFT space.

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The end goal is to raise $1 billion in the next years.
Envolabs is destined to disrupt the donation industry online with the first NFT that aggregates value over the years with additional functionality

The Team Behind Envoverse

Envolabs, the studio behind it, is distributed all over Europe with main offices in Switzerland and Germany.
The core team are climate activists & entrepreneurs, who want to give back to society.
The 3D designers of the collection also worked on big projects like Fortnite & Big Farm games, a popular mobile game.

The Launch

The minting launch is foreseen for March 5th.
Proceeded with community building, social contest, VIP whitelist & more.


To know more about Envoverse, visit the site, visit the Twitter page here: or Discord page here:

More info on the team behind it is to be found here:

Media Contacts

Name – Ralf Schwoebel
Company – Envolabs
Email – [email protected]

SOURCE: Envoverse

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Envoverse, a DAO NFT Initiative, Rides the Metaverse Wave by Launching NFTs


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