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Putin Announces Military Action; Explosions Reported In Ukraine

Russia invading Ukraine is officially a reality.


  • Russia’s “Military Action”
  • Ukraine And Nato
  • Crypto Market…

Russia’s “Military Action”

Footage of Kiev Bombing
Courtesy of Polish Cinema Nerd.

Vladimir Putin officially announced a military action in the Donbas region of Ukraine. According to the Russian president, his country has no plans to occupy the Ukrainian territories.” Putin added that they are embarking, “on a demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine.”

The military action resulted in bombings and shellings, mostly across eastern Ukraine, and mostly via the air. So far, the targets are Ukrainian military bases, but that’s subject to change. Russia maintains, through its state-funded Russia Today, that Ukrainian citizens are not “under threat.” That, though, largely depends on how good the Russian military’s aim is.

CNN reported that as of 12:20 EST that there have been no sightings of Russian ground forces in Kiev. However, tanks have been spotted tracing the border that separates the two countries.

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Ukraine And Nato

Putin’s decision to “demilitarize” a sovereign nation stems from NATO’s welcoming of Ukraine into its fold. Though not an official member, Ukraine is a part of the organization’s “enhanced opportunity partner interoperability program.”

Despite the rather junior-sounding designation, Russia feels insecure. The idea being, the former world power would rather not be surrounded by NATO or NATO’s kids’ table. It’s especially curious since even if NATO removed Ukraine, it would do nothing address the U.S.’s sizeable military presence in Europe. Same with demilitarizing Ukraine.

How this military action leads to Russia getting what it wants is unclear. It’s now between Putin and his god.

Crypto Market…

Obviously, the news sent the crypto market tumbling, but talking about crypto right now… I’m not here for it. There’s just something about dog coins and NFT apes that’s especially not funny at the moment.

So it goes without saying, Russia invading Ukraine is no longer a hindrance to the markets; it’s a hindrance to all of mankind. People will suffer. And die. For what exactly? I still have no idea, even after writing this.

I’ll leave you with this video Cobie posted. Please watch it — and then hope for better days to come.

*I apologize if any information is out of date by the time you read this. This is an ongoing story.


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Putin Announces Military Action; Explosions Reported In Ukraine

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