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Believe It Or Not, Brian Armstrong Used To Hate Altcoins

Coinbase, which Brian Armstrong is the CEO for, has become very not picky when it comes to what they add to their crypto exchange. That definitely wasn’t the case back in 2015…


  • Brian Armstrong on Altcoins
  • Super Bowl Ad Fiasco

Brian Armstrong on Altcoins

Exactly seven years ago to the day, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong tweeted something that definitely has not aged well. Though, it’s not exactly the sort of thing that will get you cancelled.

“Ripple, Stellar, and altcoins are all a distraction. Bitcoin is way too far ahead. We should be focused on Bitcoin and side chains,” Armstrong said in a now deleted tweet. At the time, the tweet was met with approval from the Bitcoin community. Armstrong’s actions since then have not been as well received by the community that some affectionately refer to as “maxis”

Not only has Coinbase added all sorts of alt coins like Ethereum, Cardano, and Dogecoin, it’s also begun dipping into microcaps. It’s dipped so deep into that territory that it’s even disgusted alt coin proponents.

Armstrong, and his exchanges, changing view doesn’t necessarily mean they view Bitcoin differently now. As they have explained since going public, adding as many coins is a responsibility they take seriously as a publicly traded company.

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Brian Armstrong’s Super Bowl Ad Fiasco

Armstrong has been under fire of late, and not just for questionable taste in easy to pump microcap “gems.”

The Coinbase CEO tweeted the other day that he felt a lot of pride for ignoring ad companies and going with a deliberately lo-fi approach to their Super Bowl AD. The ad in question featured a retro looking screensaver with a bouncing QR code. The QR code, which promised a million dollars sort of — proved so popular it crashed their site.

Funny thing is, an ad agency did help him.


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Believe It Or Not, Brian Armstrong Used To Hate Altcoins

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