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AMC Theaters will enable Shiba & Doge payment in the next 2 weeks

AMC Theaters will enable Shiba & Doge payment in the next 2 weeks 23

The chief executive officer announced that AMC is close to its integration of two meme coin-based payment options for the AMC users.

AMC Theaters is the biggest entertainment network company. This company has its hands in almost every cinema entertainment industry, where it can give direct service to its users to watch cinemas & movies. Even at present, AMC theaters have more than 1,000 sites, which is making it number one in the cinema network Companies. Last year, AMC CEO Adam Aron announced that they are working on integration of the crypto payments options for the users to pay in crypto.

On 28 February, Aron Adam informed his followers on Twitter that fans of crypto and cinema will soon be allowed to pay in meme Crypto. 

Aron wrote that AMC engineers are working on the crypto payment network Bitpay to integrate on AMC. And possibly it will be ready to use by 18 March. However, this option will remain available on the website only, later in mid-April AMC app users will be allowed to use the same option. 

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“This might rev up the Cryptocurrency fans amongst you. AMC IT says that BitPay will be live for AMC online payments on our website by March 19, and live on our mobile apps by April 16.”

AMC’s CEO also noted that the same things may happen before the exact mentioned dates and after that people will be able to use its services with the payment of two highly popular meme coins, That is Doge & Shiba. 

On this information, Past Dogecoin Creator responded and wrote thanks for this initiative and now it will be more fun for people to pay in meme coins instead of Money for theater services.

This is not the first time when AMC will accept crypto payment for its services. Before this, AMC theaters started to accept payments in crypto indirectly with the use of the coupan system but that option was not much better for the users and that was the main reason for AMC to team up with Bitpay payment gateway to bring an ease to the users to pay in crypto.

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AMC Theaters will enable Shiba & Doge payment in the next 2 weeks


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