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Ripple’s defense Attorney believes no further delays in the discovery phase

Ripple's defense Attorney believes no further delays in the discovery phase 19

Jeremy Hogan shared his stance on the legal fight between Ripple and US regulators and claimed that there are huge chances that more delays will not take place. 

Ripple is the biggest blockchain technology user Fintech firm, which is known to support its blockchain Network and development experience to help the other companies to use its resources to adopt blockchain and crypto in their financial system. At present, Ripple is facing lawsuit action by the US regulators. 

On 1 March, Attorney Jeremy Hogan responded to a tweet “if lawsuit of US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will extend against Ripple for more discovery process”. 

Jeremy explained and hinted that he hopes from every point of view to see no further delays in this case. 

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However, Jeremy explained that no delay will take place in the discovery phase but there are some points where the US SEC Agency may ask for further additional time to summarize this case.

”Not in discovery. The SEC could request additional time for the summary judgment briefings, but that’s about it I think,”

Discovery phase extension 

In January of this year, U.S. Magistrate Judge Sarah Netburn granted the motion filed by the US SEC Agency to increase the time frame of the discovery phase.

Through the filed Motion, SEC Agency claimed that due to COVID pandemic situation based provisions and other reasons for the witnesses, who are living at long distance. 

However, in response to the motion grant, the Ripple executive claimed that the SEC agency wants only to extend the case. Later judge explained that these discovery phases are for both the parties to collect witnesses in favour of each other. 

Recently Former SEC executive claimed that the SEC may have not bett support in this case at current situation from the point of fact and also raised many questions on the action of the SEC after a long time.

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Ripple’s defense Attorney believes no further delays in the discovery phase


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