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Cardano’s incoming Hardfork to optimize & enhance scalability of the network

Cardano's incoming Hardfork to optimize & enhance scalability of the network 21

The Cardano developer team is moving toward the next phase to introduce a new first code upgrade out of three to push the efficiency of the network. 

Cardano’s native token ADA is an 8th ranked crypto asset by 24 hours trading volume in the crypto Industry. Cardano blockchain Network aimed to give a bigger competition in the category of Smart contract blockchain networks. At present, the Solana protocol is doing its best against Ethereum as its biggest competitor but Cardano is planning more precisely and step by step to beat all blockchain networks’ ability in terms of efficient and high scale transactions at very low fees.

On 28 February, Input-output Hong Kong global (IOHK), the developer team behind the Cardano project, notified its users through a new blog update and stated that new enhancement development works are on the way. 

IOHK explained that three major code introduction development works will be done in the Core network of Cardano this year. One of the code upgrades out of the three will be introduced soon. 

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Through the blog, IOHK confirmed that developers will do the majority of their work inclined to the scaling enhancements this year. 

After this upgrade in the Cardano core network, the next two upgrades will take place in June & October of this year. All three code upgrades will work together to push the scalability and efficiency of Cardano’s network to the next level. 

IOHK explained that all these three code updates will be key factors to support the pipelining, new Plutus CIPs, UTXO on-disk storage, and Hydra in Cardano blockchain.

UTXO will help Defi Protocols to facilitate low fees transactions (trading) in the Defi ecosystem more easily.  While Hydra will introduce a micropayments system in the Cardano network, that will be better than the Solana protocol. 

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Cardano’s incoming Hardfork to optimize & enhance scalability of the network


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