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Binance will try to buy every type of traditional Economic company: Report

Binance will try to buy every type of traditional Economic company: Report 6

 Binance exchange is planning to diversify its portfolio in every possible traditional economic company with two aim.

Binance is a popular crypto exchange, which is standing at the first rank in the crypto industry because of its high-quality crypto services for every type of trader. In the present time, the exchange is trying to expand its services in almost every country, to sustain its future as a King in this space.

Recently  Financial Times published a report on Binance exchange CEO Changpeng Zhao and confirmed that Binance CEO is ready with his plan to target every type of economic company to bring them in crypto. 

Changpeng Zhao said: 

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“We want to identify and invest in one or two targets in every economic sector and try to bring them into crypto.”

Binance is already standing at the position of King in the crypto industry. Now such plans of crypto exchange may work as a better catalyst to diversify the portfolio of companies toward better stability & increment and also it will further push the adoption of crypto in another economic sector, which are still outside the crypto industry. 

Zhao also said in the interview that the involvement of Binance in those lazy crypto adopters companies will act as a push to other lazy mover companies to derive adoption for crypto because of surging competition.

These efforts of Binance exchange are not new plans because already Binance showed its better stand in other non crypto sectors. In earl February of this year, Binance exchange announced its investment of $200 in publisher Forbes.

All these things are showing that the Binance exchange is moving toward a better probability of growth in the future. At present, Binance exchange is currently standing at a $300 billion valuation and Binance CEO is standing at 11th rank in the list of richest persons in the world. 

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Binance will try to buy every type of traditional Economic company: Report


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