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Bitcoin network can reduce spam from Twitter: Micheal Saylor

Bitcoin network can reduce spam from Twitter: Micheal Saylor 4

The chief executive officer of business intelligence firm Microstrategy explained the use case of the Bitcoin network to Kick out spam from the Twitter platform. 

In the present time, Twitter is a better social media platform for the crypto Community because crypto traders and big personalities are getting ease to interact with each other with limited numbers of works, that is what we call tweets. But due to the increasing use of Twitter by the crypto industry, it is facing some negative impacts like bots spamming and free giveaway reward posts and also many other bot accounts which keep posting the same thing everywhere in every tweet thread. 

On 28 March, Michael Saylor, CEO of business intelligence firm MicroStrategy, had a discussion with Tesla CEO Elon Musk and clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson on twitter.

Michael explained that the Bitcoin network can be used to reserve some funds for every Twitter account to give a verified or orange tick, so in this way, huge numbers of spam and bot accounts can be reduced because of cost issues. And in this thing Bitcoin can be used to reserve the fund for each account. 

Through the follow up tweet, Micheal said that an orange tick for the accounts will be a better option because there are around 360,000 verified blue accounts and with this idea, Twitter users will be able to get an orange tick within 2 minutes Bitcoin only should be used for the same. 

“There are currently only about 360,000 blue checks on Twitter. We should allow for hundreds of millions of orange check (sic) so that everyone can get verified within a minute or two. #Bitcoin is the solution to cleaning up social media and bringing safety & civility to cyberspace.”

However, the majority of the Twitter users supported Michael Saylor’s idea to use Bitcoin to reduce spam but few people claimed that such things will result in scam-related posts more effective because scammers will be able to verify accounts easily with bitcoin payment.

It is worth noting that a few months ago, Twitter introduced NFTs features support but Tesla CEO Elon Musk criticized the idea of Twitter for supporting NFTs and said that Twitter should focus on providing a better user experience with its resources instead of such useless things. 

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Bitcoin network can reduce spam from Twitter: Micheal Saylor


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