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Confidence among XRP community: Ripple Vs SEC

Confidence among XRP community: Ripple Vs SEC 6

Situations are showing that the crypto community is looking at Ripple because of the current ongoing situation of its Case against US regulators and sanctions on Russia because of Russian military invasions on Ukraine. 

Ripple is a payment network firm based in San Francisco and this firm is known as a perfect user of blockchain and crypto technology. In the present time, the majority of the experts are looking at the Ripple as a solution against the sanctions imposed on Russia. However, Ripple’s CEO confirmed that he will also follow the rules and regulations to comply with the law, which includes sanctions imposed on Russia but still besides all these things Ripple is getting huge traction in the crypto community beside the Russia vs Ukraine matter.

In the last 10 days, the Crypto market saw a huge correction and also a huge rapid recovery because of the Russia vs Ukraine war. During the correction of the market, the majority of the people were betting on Ripple’s XRP token as a game-changer to make sudden profit in a short time, and also XRP showed better results also for its believers to some extent in the last 10 days during the critical geopolitical situation in the world. 

On 4 March, Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple, appeared in an interview with Fox Business.  In the interview, Brad touched on those factors and Points, which were acting as catalysts to increase the traction on the XRP token. 

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Brad noted that soon clarity on the XRP token, whether it is a security or not, will come. He indirectly showed his disappointment because of the slow process of court proceedings. 

“..and so the case continues to move forward, we’re expecting some decisions from the court, you know, sooner rather than later, as it relates to a couple of decisions before the court, but look, it’s moved slowly…”

Brad also touched the topic of the Russia vs Ukraine war and financial sanctions on Russia. Brad said that crypto critics don’t know about the potential of crypto & blockchain technology, where they are thinking of a blanket ban on crypto. Besides these things, Ripple’s CEO confirmed that Ripple is a leader, which stands with the American government. 

Through this statement, he hinted that Crypto & blockchain technology has a very high level of potential but here Ripple will follow the rules and regulations to follow the sanctions imposed on Russia.

Confidence in XRP Community

On 5 March, John Deaton, a crypto lawyer who is responsible for thousands of XRP holders in the Ripple vs SEC case, noted that XRP Community feeling confident under this situation where settlement or victory could take place in favour of Ripple.

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Confidence among XRP community: Ripple Vs SEC


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