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Polkadot founder donates $5 million to Ukraine

Polkadot founder donates $5 million to Ukraine 12

The founder of Polkadot donated to Ukraine to support it financially against Russian invasions. 

In the present time, Russia and Ukraine are fighting against each other. However, Ukraine is showing its cool nature in this situation even though the Russian military has huge power but Ukraine has more countries’ support in the world over Russia and this is making Ukraine stand with more confidence against all invasions of Russia. 

On 27 February, the Ukrainian government officially announced to accept donations in crypto assets by going against its own national law, which doesn’t allow Government agencies to accept crypto or alternative payment options to accept payments. But surely in this situation Ukraine needs to take steps in favour of its citizens instead of its laws and rules.

In the very starting, Ukraine announced to accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT crypto assets but later it announced to accept Dot coins also. 

In response to this support for Polkadot’s native coin Dot, Polkadot founder Gavin wood donated a total of $5 million worth of Dot coins.

Through the tweet it is confirmed that the Government of Ukraine is not going to stop with limited numbers of crypto assets, instead, it will add more crypto assets’ addresses to its list to accept donations. 

At the time of writing this article, Ukraine received more than $6 million worth of Dot coins on its Polka Dot address.

Ukraine vs Russia boosting push to crypto adoption 

In this situation, one side of Ukraine is using crypto methods to accept donations to sustain its future with a better stand against Russian invasions. On the other hand, experts believe that Russia may bypass the financial sanctions using crypto assets. 

In all these things, Crypto use is surging and also we can see a rapid inflow of funds in the crypto industry. In the last 15 hours, the crypto market crossed its recovery to more than $2 Trillion. 

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Polkadot founder donates $5 million to Ukraine


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