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PUBG Jumps in the crypto & blockchain industry with Solana

PUBG Jumps in the crypto & blockchain industry with Solana 9

The company behind the popular video game PUBG established a partnership with crypto project team Solana Labs. 

Crypto adoption is increasing rapidly with the increase of unemployment in the world but another side has unique use cases like NFTs technology in gaming projects and to verify the ownership of digital items. Tech experts of the Blockchain industry are also working toward the real-life use cases of NFTs to verify the house and properties. 

South Korean popular Pubg game company, Krafton, announced on 24 March that the company signed an agreement with popular Solana crypto project team Solana Labs to work on the Play-2-Earn games, which will be based on NFTs, crypto, and blockchain to bring better trust among the player with the data information of the game world. 

According to reports, after the completion of the blockchain game development, the new game platform will allow the game players to earn NFTs. 

Numbers of benefits with this initiative of Krafton

However not much is known about this partnership for its future project and benefits but surely it will help the gaming community to make money while playing games. 

Besides these things, it will also help the game users to exchange characters and weapons with each other easily, but it will be a matter of chance that what outcomes and development will be introduced.

In the last year, a few popular game companies introduced blockchain and NFTs based gaming products but their users of traditional games showed negative stances, even companies Introduced separate blockchain gaming platforms as a choice for the game players. 

So here what will be decision and development works and how Krafton will simply introduce crypto & NFTs feature, will matter a lot. 

Right now Solana is only a blockchain network that can provide the highest scalability based transactions, so it is confirmed that users will be able to use NFTs buy-sell on the platform directly but how Krafton will introduce will be a big thing, but overall it will be part of the decision of company’ aims and goal. Here comments and opinions will be too early for this situation. 

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PUBG Jumps in the crypto & blockchain industry with Solana


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