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Refinable Crypto is Changing The NFT Sector – Here’s How FINE did it!

Undoubtedly, the non-fungible token industry is one of the best things in the digital asset space. Creators and artists leverage the newfound popularity to create numerous digital products and sell them as NFTs. This adoption has brought waves of digital art sales for owners and assures better for their artworks. 2021 can be said to be one of the most successful years for these token types, with celebrities creating their digital products to sell to fans. Today, anybody can mint and sell their token on marketplaces. Even the mainstream media got interested in understanding this relatively new industry, especially after Beeple’s NFT sale. The digital artist sold a digital artwork for $69 million, making it one of the most expensive artworks globally. In this article, we will be looking into how Refinable Crypto is changing the NFT sector.

What Are NFTs?

Non-fungible tokens are unique kinds of tokens that are limited in number. Unlike fungible tokens (tokens like Bitcoin), NFTs cannot be changed or replaced since most of these tokens are unique. You can easily replace your BTC with another BTC, but this is not the case with these asset types. Also, anything can be regarded as an NFT. For instance, you can choose to sell a picture, a video, a tweet, or even a meme as a non-fungible token. Despite being a new kind of industry, it has gotten the attention of many crypto enthusiasts, who have minted their art to profit from the industry. There are also numerous NFTs that have been sold at mouth-watering prices, such as Bored Ape and CryptoPunks.

What Is Refinable Crypto?

Refinable is a project that gives access to a platform for NFT creation. This project hopes to leverage the demands for non-fungible tokens, allowing people to create their digital art. Since the NFT industry’s success, many artists have wanted to make their token, primarily due to the booming interest. This Binance Smart chain-based claims to proffer solutions to different problems associated with creating these token types, such as creation, utility, distribution, and discovery.

Users who use Refinable may find it easier to tokenize their artworks while making discovery a straightforward process. Users can decide to dispose of their assets through sales or gifting friends and family. Buyers may also benefit from using Refinable. For one, they get access to an array of NFTs, giving them exposure to the asset class. They can also choose to sell their purchase asset at a higher price.

Refinable crypto

Refinable is one of the few projects that improve non-fungible token discoverability. Discoverability is the ability of an item to be easily discovered. Without sufficient discoverability, investors will find it difficult to sell their NFTs. It does this by leveraging the new interest and audience in the industry. Many people are looking to get into the space, leading to higher sales.

What Makes Refinable Different?

According to the official website, users can utilize Refinable for their NFT needs. For one, it assured that creators could create their marketplace without using code. With this, you can create your private marketplace without knowing how to code.

Another noticeable advantage is the cross-chain support. This project claims to be compatible with a series of blockchains, such as Ethereum and Polygon, helping users meet their needs across blockchains. This is a welcome development that may help users leverage the advantages of multiple chains. Also, you can transfer your non-fungible tokens to this platform. This allows you to sell your old NFTs on Refinable. It’s safe to note that marketplace owners can set their own platform fees while customizing it with numerous tools.

How Does It Work?

Refinable focuses on ensuring that creators create their dream NFTs while helping them with exposure. Buyers can access different marketplaces with artworks that may interest them. Since this platform houses some of the most popular NFTs, buyers can benefit from other digital products created by famous creators.

For one, users can own marketplaces to start their NFT journey. Owning a marketplace gives you some control over how you want your platform; this includes customization options and setting transaction fees. While there are still many plans in its roadmap, it has managed to help many creators access a decent platform. Refinable promises a lot of attractive features, which would get potential investors in buying its native token.

Some Notable Features

Refinable has some notable features, helping it stand out from other websites with a similar use case. This project supports ERC-20 and ERC-1155. It’s quite uncommon to see platforms support two of the most popular Ethereum standards. With this, users can explore different token types. It’s important to note that this project is based on BSC, a well-known blockchain. While most projects related to non-fungible tokens are based on Ethereum, Refinable stands out while leveraging on BSC’s low gas fees and faster transaction settlement. Still, the platform assures a seamless transition when interacting with other chains.

Today, BSC is arguably one of the best blockchains in the industry. While Ethereum tops the number of NFT support, Binance Smart Chain is slowly gaining the industry’s attention. This is due to many benefits, such as speed and scalability. Because Ethereum has scalability issues, the transaction settlement is much slower and more expensive. Still, Ethereum remains a favorite in the digital asset industry due to its programmability. Additionally, Refinable has one of the lowest gas fees in the industry because of BSC. It leverages this to offer services to customers at a competitive price.

Should You Buy $FINE?

$FINE token is the ecosystem’s native token. It is an essential part of Refinable, helping the platform execute transactions. That said, you can use it for governance, necessary for making decisions. Because of the platform’s potential, buying $FINE might be an excellent investment decision. While many exchanges are yet to list the asset, it should become more popular with more developments. Before investing in a digital asset, you have to do your research. Research is crucial to understanding the asset. When you understand it, you can decide to purchase it. Thankfully, $FINE is still cheap, a great entry for those interested in supporting the NFT ecosystem. This token is also one of the few NFTs projects based on BSC, differentiating it from the rest.

Refinable Crypto token FINE on coinmarketcap
Fig.2 $FINE Chart on Coinmarketcap

FINE Price Prediction – Will FINE Token go up?

$FINE has many potentials, mainly since many investors are willing to buy digital products as NFTs. Since there is a demand, NFTs will continue to grow in 2022. While writing this article, $FINE is trading at $0.1048 but can go up in the nearest future. First, the roadmap shows that Refinable will face some development changes, such as new features. This would likely attract new investors, who may profit from the bullish news.

In the next few months, this token may go as high as $0.210, provided the market continues to stabilize. Developments and partnerships may also help it increase in value. By the end of 2022, $FINE should be around $0.3 or go higher. Additionally, platform support would likely help it gain widespread adoption. Most exchanges don’t support $FINE, but more investors will have access to it, increasing investments when they do. This is why many assets rally when a major exchange lists them. With the growing NFT trend, this project would likely become a favorite for many creators.


The NFT market is gradually undergoing massive changes, with more traders entering the scene. This factor has pushed analysts to tip $FINE for a massive bull run in the future. However, traders should know that trading in the market should be done with funds that one can lose. By so doing, there are more chances of gaining without worrying about the loss of investment. It is also advisable to ensure that portfolios are diversified in case of a general market decline.

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Refinable Crypto is Changing The NFT Sector – Here’s How FINE did it!  

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