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Amid Russia vs Ukraine conflict, Ukrainian crypto companies survives

Amid Russia vs Ukraine conflict, Ukrainian crypto companies survives 6

Crypto and blockchain platforms of Ukraine are still able to survive under this critical situation, which arises because of the Russia vs Ukraine conflict.

Russia vs Ukraine war completed 56 days but still both the countries are fighting against each other without any outcomes. However, Russia is facing economic downfall because of the international financial Sanctions but Ukraine is facing downfall because of damages to its basic infrastructure under the Russian military invasions in almost every area of Ukraine. All the companies, including crypto, in both these two countries, are facing issues to sustain their fair operations.

On 20 April, Cointelegraph published a report on a crypto platform of Ukraine and noted that they are fairly able to sustain their crypto operations in this situation, even if the future is uncertain in this situation. 

Arsenii Hurtavtsov, a Ukrainian national and CEO of nonfungible token service provider Finch, said that he traveled out from Kyiv and entered Azerbaijan on 23 February.  At that time there were no blocking men from leaving the country by the government. After getting out, shortly joined his business partner in Dubai. 

Both of these two guys were in tension about how they can manage this situation and also about their safety and also give employment to the employees to survive life. 

Further Hurtavtsov’ business partner added: 

“We were shocked because we couldn’t continue to work because our guys were in bomb shelters — it’s crazy,”

After that, these two guys contacted all the employees and confirmed that they have to close all their work for some time but surely will start again, with the certainty that they can survive life in this situation because they will help employees with time as much as they need. 

Hurtavtsov and Varakuta noted that it was a very tough situation but it was still better for them to survive with growth in this situation.

“Even though there is the war in Ukraine, we’re still growing month over month and, at the moment, we also attracted our first round of investment.”

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Amid Russia vs Ukraine conflict, Ukrainian crypto companies survives


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