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Meta may launch ‘Zuck Bucks’ coin for its Metaverse: Reports

Meta may launch 'Zuck Bucks' coin for its Metaverse: Reports 7

Reportedly Meta is working to introduce new revenue models to its existing business in its Metaverse.

Meta is a company, which was earlier known as Facebook. In Q4 2021, Facebook rebranded its name in Meta and aimed to bring a better experience to the users with the high-level Augmented Reality (AR) based ecosystem, Metaverse. Just after a few months of rebranding the company name, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg sold his stakes from the blockchain project, Diem Association, because his company failed to push blockchain & crypto-related works perfectly under legal hurdles. 

Recently the Financial Times published a report and on behalf of the  collected some news from anonymous sources about the plan of Meta for its Metaverse, virtual world, agency revealed some interesting information about the next step of Meta. 

Report noted that Meta will launch non-blockchain technology-based virtual currency “Zuck Bucks”. This coin will help the Meta’ Metaverse users to engage with the virtual world perfectly, however, this is assumption and nothing. The new virtual currency will remain under the full control of the company. 

According to FT, its new coin may be used in the Facebook & Instagram Ecosystem for social users and maybe it will be for NFTs users. Besides these things, the company may plan to launch loan services for small businesses at very low interest. 

Facebook & Trust 

In the past, many allegations-based cases were filed against Facebook regarding data leaks of users and also the sale of the data of users to other companies. All these things resulted in a big trust issue between Facebook company and its users. 

Due to such trust issues, many US lawmakers raised voices against the Novi crypto wallet from Facebook’s Diem project and also company faced some criticism for its WhatsApp integrated stable coin payment. 

Initiatives and efforts by the Meta company were much better but a lack of trust resulted in some big road bumps in the growth of the business of Meta.

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Meta may launch ‘Zuck Bucks’ coin for its Metaverse: Reports


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