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Ripple Price about to EXPLODE to $3? Buy XRP below $1!

We often talk about Ripple price in our price prediction articles. The reason for that is its undervalued XRP token that never reached its previous all-time high price. Additionally, the pending SEC lawsuit is expected to get resolved. XRP price should reach its all-time high price and continue to strive higher with all the development that is happening in the crypto space. Love it or hate it, XRP is here to stay. Read on to see why XRP has big potential still in 2022!

XRP Price about to EXPLODE?

From a technical perspective, there are many positive indications that show a big potential in Ripple. XRP price has formed a trend line and support over the past few months. This trendline has already served as resistance three times, making it a confirmed trendline heading towards the support of around $0.53. As the trendline is heading towards support, a descending triangle has formed. 

XRP/USD 1-month chart sh9wing the descending triangle
Fig.1 XRP/USD 1-month chart sh9wing the descending triangle – TradingView

However, since descending triangles are only valid after a price crash, we are not assuming a descending triangle here, but a simple consolidation phase, which could serve as a correction. As a result of this consolidation phase, the Ripple price could soon break the drawn trend line in a bullish manner and head for old highs.


XRP Price Prediction – Can XRP reach $3?

The fact that the Ripple course has recently been corrected more strongly has resulted in a possible ABC sequence. However, this ABC sequence is not yet activated. It only becomes active as soon as the high (A) is exceeded. With a trendline break, we would expect the price to be higher than point A, so we assume an active ABC sequence from there. The target of the sequence is around $3.34 – $4.15. If the Ripple price plays out in this scenario, there is a risk that the price will form a double top formation. More on that in the next long-term Ripple forecast.

XRP/USD 1-month chart showing the ABC sequence of XRP
Fig.2 XRP/USD 1-month chart showing the ABC sequence of XRP – TradingView
Ripple XRP
Ripple XRP© Cryptoticker
Ripple Price about to EXPLODE to $3? Buy XRP below $1!  

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