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Michael Saylor on rumors of Bitcoin sell plan

Michael Saylor on rumors of Bitcoin sell plan 4

The chief executive officer of Microstrategy responded against the rumors on Bitcoin sell plans. 

Microstrategy is a business intelligence firm, which is bullish on Bitcoin under the leadership of Micheal Saylor. At present Microstrategy holds around more than 125,000 Bitcoins on its balance sheet as a reserved fund. Microstrategy CEO always remain ready to appreciate the technology of Bitcoin in every situation.

In the last few weeks, a rumor was spreading in the crypto industry about “Microstrategy planning to sell its Bitcoin holdings”. On 23 April, Michael responded to the rumors and confirmed that there are no such plans. 

Through the tweet, Michael stated that if Microstrategy will plan for any kind of thing then surely the details & plans will be publicly available with SEC filing. 

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“Not sure who needs to know this, but when $MSTR makes any material change to its corporate strategy (to acquire & #hodl bitcoin) or to its #bitcoin holdings, we disclose this to our shareholders via @SECGov filings, available to all.”

In response to this tweet of Microstrategy CEO, Peter Schiff, Chief economist, and Global strategist, asked whether it will be required legally to inform about such plans to sell Bitcoin in advance through the SEC filing. 

However, Peter didn’t get any response tweet from Microstrategy CEO but this thing further raises questions on the tweet of Micheal Saylor. 

In the past, Tesla CEO Elon Musk suspended support from Bitcoin and also sold some Bitcoin holdings but was never informed about this thing in an SEC filing. Later Elon revealed in an interview that he sold some of the Bitcoin holdings. 

Earlier this, in an interview, Microstrategy’s CEO explained that Bitcoin is a better asset against inflation. And also he said that the price of Bitcoin works with bitcoin traders’ activities but the actual price of Bitcoin came with the age of Bitcoin. 

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Michael Saylor on rumors of Bitcoin sell plan


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