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Only one hard asset on this planet is Bitcoin, says InvestAnswers host

Only one hard asset on this planet is Bitcoin, says InvestAnswers host 15

James from InvestAnswers shared his opinion on crypto and Bitcoin in the present situation against God asset Gold.

Bitcoin crossed its 13 years of age frame and now it is mature enough at this teen age. Almost every investor expert fully believes that bitcoin is a much better asset to get better returns in long terms. However Bitcoin is standing in a better position but still, there is a big population that is skeptical about Bitcoin technology and the future.

Recently, the host of InvestAnswers, James, appeared in a live session on YouTube with Benjamin Cowen. James said that Bitcoin is now becoming a better asset than gold and real estate, like a hedge against inflation.

James said that Gold is not going to surge 20% in a year, so we need a better asset that can perform perfectly to keep the capital value of funds safe. 

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“What’s the hedge? Three choices: one, you get priced out of the market (because) real estate’s all-cash buyers. Number two, it’s gold, but with 20% purchasing power debasement, gold doesn’t go up 20% per year. You need something that has much more alpha than that.”

The analyst noted that holding huge funds in Banks is not a good option for people, who want to preserve their capital value. According to him, money loses its value by 2% per year and here Bitcoin can fill the gap easily.

“I’m hearing a lot of reports that people that have a lot of money, they’re looking for that hedge right now. They’re sitting on a third of their net worth in a bank account. They’re losing 2% of value a month. They’ve done the calculations.”

James noted that the majority of the people have their funds in banks and equities & also in real estate but they are still in a situation to overcome this issue. And here we have to fix the issue with bitcoin. 

James further added that Bitcoin is a solution to fill this gap but at the same time he admitted that the price of Bitcoin is somewhat manipulated & suppressed but still it is a hard and better asset. 

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Only one hard asset on this planet is Bitcoin, says InvestAnswers host





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