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Towson based Porsche dealer jumps into the crypto industry

Towson based Porsche dealer jumps into the crypto industry 4

Porsche dealers decided to accept payments in cryptocurrencies to step with the trend of bitcoin. 

Due to the huge influx of people in the crypto and blockchain industry, many big companies are looking to wash their hands with this opportunity. The majority of the companies are trying to adopt crypto payments-based options to get popularity at global levels. In the past, many small businesses successfully expanded their business with crypto adoption. 

On 19 April, Giant crypto payment Network platform Bitpay announced that Porsche Towson, a Porsche dealer located in Towson (Maryland) will accept cryptocurrencies as a payment option for the clients. 

Bitpay tweeted and suggested people to change cryptocurrencies into precious metal (Car) with Porsche Towson.

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However, this is not the first car dealer company, which added crypto payment support but already many Car dealer companies entered this race to show their stand at the leading edge of Crypto adoption.

One of the Twitter users noted that the representative of the dealer company was unaware of it. Twitter user shared a picture and confirmed that the representative even has clues for the same. However, DealerTeamwork Co-founder defended this situation and said that it is new for staff, which is a common thing for every staff.

These things are enough to show that companies are stepping toward the crypto adoption and also some crypto-friendly people are willing to pay in cryptocurrencies but the majority of the non-crypto workers are not much aware of the crypto and related initiatives in their circle.

Bitpay payment Network

No doubt that Bitpay is working very well to provide Crypto payment services but in reality, it is not much better for the merchants because, for every US dollar, payment firms charges 1% of the total payment value, which is a terrible thing. 

Maybe in the future, better rules will make Bitpay much better. Recently Bitpay Introduced Bitcoin lightning support to facilitate fast transactions on the Layer2 Network of Bitcoin. 

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Towson based Porsche dealer jumps into the crypto industry


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