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Ukraine trying to re-establish its physical museums with fundraising through crypto NFTs

Ukraine trying to re-establish its physical museums with fundraising through crypto NFTs 2

Ukraine is trying to recover the Ukrainian physical Museums and Theaters with the help of MetaHistory NFT-Museum, after the Russian military invasions & damages. 

Today is the 40th day of the Russia vs Ukraine war and still, war is going on. However, Russia is standing at that level where it can beat Ukraine in one to two days but due to targeted attack plan delay is usually going on. On the other hand Ukraine, even with small potential, is not ready to go back. Instead, Ukraine is trying its best against Russia. 

Recently Bloomberg published a report and confirmed that Ukraine sold 1,282 NFTs for a total of 190 Ethereum coins, which is equal to around $655,000. 

Bloomberg confirmed that the agency got this information from the Ministry of Digital Transformation through an email note.

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However Russian invasions are still active but alongside these activities, Ukraine is working to fix cultural and heritage sites like museums and theatres, which got damaged in Russian military attacks. 

Last week, Ukrainian MetaHistory NFT-Museum notified the crypto Community that they sold 1,153 NFTs for more than $500,000 worth of Ethereum. 

To celebrate the half-million fundraising journey, the team tweeted that they will give one unique free NFT to one of the NFTs holders from their NFTs collections. 

Ukrainian Govt getting in crypto industry

Since the day of the beginning of the Russia vs Ukraine war, the Crypto industry has eagerly supported Ukraine against the invasions. On one hand, many NGOs started to raise funds for Ukraine, on the other hand, the Ukrainian Government officially jumped into the crypto industry to get financial support to boost the potential of Ukraine’s armed forces. 

The government of Ukraine directly received more than $70 million worth of cryptocurrencies however, this figure is more than $100 million if we include all other NGOs crypto donations amount.

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Ukraine trying to re-establish its physical museums with fundraising through crypto NFTs


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