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US Armed Air Force have decided to create own metaverse

US Armed Air Force have decided to create own metaverse 10

US Armed Forces filed Trademark for Metaverse-related patents to create their Metaverse platform. 

Metaverse is a next-level concept of virtual reality-based projects. Since Q4 2021, After the announcement of Facebook to rebrand its name into Meta, the majority of the big companies started to show their interest in Metaverse-related activities. In this race, almost every type of company is involved in Metaverse based projects. Like banking firms, Medical companies, entertainment & also food companies. 

On 19 April, Michael Kondoudis, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and metaverse trademark attorney notified his followers that the United States armed force filed for the Metaverse trademark application for SPACEVERSE. 

Tweet hinted that the US Armed Air force may have two targets with the filed Trademark.

  • converges terrestrial and space physical and digital realities 
  • provides extended-reality training, testing, and operations environments

These things are enough to consider the potential and ability of the Metaverse-based projects and the benefits that can be taken. However here nothing is 100% clear with these trademarks filings but surely here such high-level government agencies will do work at that level, where they can create a very big competition against the air forces of other countries.

Metaverse-like projects are supposed to work under high computational power and these can be done with the help of blockchain projects. At present, few virtual lands seller crypto companies are providing virtual lands to deploy virtual worlds in Metaverse. For example Decentraland, TheSandbox, etc. 

It is expected that Metaverse-like projects can be made better with the help of Web3-based initiatives, which are further possible with the help of crypto projects’ resources.

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US Armed Air Force have decided to create own metaverse


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