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Etherscan & CoinGecko warns users about the Metamask phishing attack

Etherscan & CoinGecko warns users about the Metamask phishing attack 2

Two leading websites of the crypto industry found that their users are getting Metamask wallet to connect pop-up messages to connect wallet.

Etherscan is a crypto analytic platform, dedicated to Ethereum blockchain Network. And CoinGecko is a crypto assets price tracker website, more likely to Coinmarketcap. Both of these two platforms CoinGecko & Etherscan are legendary at their level because of their rapid use among the crypto users to remain updated with current prices of crypto assets and check transactions of particular crypto addresses respectively.

On 14 May, CoinGecko informed its followers & users to remain aware of the ongoing pop-up message to connect to the MetaMask wallet. And suggested not to connect because that was not initiated by CoinGecko and also checking the root cause of this issue.

On the same day, Etherscan also announced a similar warning announcement and urged people to remain away from the authorization of any third-party payment request.

An investigation by Etherscan noted that the issue was associated with the HTML5 banner code, which was served by Quizilla. 

Etherscan also confirmed that Coinzilla fixed the issue from their end and also Etherscan banned all CoinZilla integration.

“The CoinZilla integration was immediately disabled upon being alerted. We were later also informed by Coinzilla that they had fixed this issue upstream on their end. We have been monitoring the situation since then and have not seen any new reports.”

At the time of writing this article, no comment or statement came from Coinzilla regarding this matter officially.

Coinzilla is a crypto advertisement network, which provides services for advertisers and publishers to advertise & publish their crypto-related advertisements & services on crypto news websites.

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Etherscan & CoinGecko warns users about the Metamask phishing attack






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