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Pension funds now investing in Bitcoin, So Buy Bitcoin: Robert Kiyosaki

Pension funds now investing in Bitcoin, So Buy Bitcoin: Robert Kiyosaki 2

The author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” once again suggested people buy Bitcoin because of another new reason against inflation because of fake $.

Robert Kiyosaki is a popular financial advisor and also an author, who wrote a popular finance book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. His creation “Rich Dad Poor Dad” is available in almost all languages, so popularly known around the whole world. Kiyosaki is a big supporter of those assets, which are not under much influence of Central Bank power like Gold, Silver, Real-estate & Bitcoin. 

On 7 October, Robert Kiyosaki took to Twitter and said that pension funds always invested in G&S but now they are investing in Bitcoin, which means they now know very well about fake $. 

“Why buy gold, silver, Bitcoin? Bank of England pivot means buying more GSBC. When pensions nearly collapsed it exposed Central Banks cannot fix…INFLATION. The pension has always invested in G& S. Pension funds now investing in Bitcoin. They know Fake $, stocks & bonds are toast,” Kiyosaki said.

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On 9 October, Kiyosaki said that people can easily see Microeconomic ups & downs, obviously in the money market, but they can’t see Macroeconomics because it is invisible. 

In this situation, he suggested people invest in Bitcoin & Silver. 

“WHY MILLIONS TO BE WIPED OUT: People CAN see MiCRO ECONOMICS: food & fuel prices rising. CAN NOT SEE MACROECONOMICS. Macro Econ INVISIBLE. Protect yourself from Macro. Buy gold, silver, and Bitcoin. Silver’s best investment in Oct 2022. Everyone can afford $20 silver…but are blind.”

A popular Bitcoin critic Peter Schiff responded to this suggestion of Robert Kiyosaki and supported his suggestion to go with mentioned assets but at the same time, he suggested remaining away from Bitcoin. 

For a few years, Kiyosaki supporting Bitcoin as a good asset. But once in the past, he said that governments may try to kill Bitcoin if it will grab better success over other govt backed bond assets. 

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Pension funds now investing in Bitcoin, So Buy Bitcoin: Robert Kiyosaki



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