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Meta Fury

Metafury – leading digital crypto & forex verse trading


Metafury is the world’s leading digital crypto & forex verse trading company, registered in
Luxemburg & the United Kingdom. We have been in forex trading for 7 years and currently
manage more than 20 million dollars in funds for our worldwide clients.
Metafury is also world’s largest provider of financial markets data and infrastructure for decades
that cover everything from pre-trade analytics & analysis. Within the Metafury future verse
ecosystem, we provide information, & insights, with the combination of Cryptoverse & forex verse
technology that enable customers to execute critical investing, trading, and risk decisions with
Metafury has developed an advanced multi-asset crypto & forex platform built on future verse
collaboration for worldwide education: and it will help its community where users can connect,
share, learn and earn more by combining a unique open platform with best-in-class data and

The Metafury ecosystem is led by a bunch of finance
professionals with diverse backgrounds and deep
qualitative and quantitative experts in active asset
management, digital asset intelligence, Cryptoverse &
Forex verse, and blockchain technological expertise.
Deep-rooted in crypto & forex market fundamental
research we offer our community & business client
base easy on-ramp access to the most promising,
disruptive technologies and projects within the
Cryptoverse & Forex verse space.

We are integrating the crypto-verse, blockchain, and
Forex verse platform to enhance forex business
operations in the virtual world, where blockchain and
crypto community also easy to work with forex business
operations and create a new future with high profits in
the real world.
We also ensure they unleash their full potential with the
help of Advance metaverse technology. We are also the
pioneering team leading massive-scale crypto verse &
forex verse within the metaverse industry merger.


Metafury is a virtual character that takes an idea from the S.H.I.E.L.D &
Marvel Movies. Nick Fury’s character leads the Crypto & Forex
ecosystem under the Metafury in the house to beat the world inflation
and create the next generation financial world with the forex verse &
crypto verse market using the strong deep activity role in the metaverse
As Metafury is creating the next unarmed Cryptoverse & forex verse
ecosystem to make the future more powerful. We also plan a rapid
growth of the crypto-verse ecosystem & present new opportunities with
the forex verse ecosystem.



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