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Beware of scammers’ fake AGIX token airdrop

Beware of scammers' fake AGIX token airdrop 8

Just a few days ago some bad actors started a fake airdrop of AGIX tokens to hack the crypto wallet of the users. 

AGIX token is an artificial intelligence (AI) focused Crypto project SingularityNET (AGIX). This project was initially launched in 2018. The actual name of this token was AGI token but a year ago the company rebranded the name of this token to AGIX. This token runs on two blockchain networks, Cardano & Ethereum. 

In the last 90 days of the period, the price of AGIX tokens surged by approximately 10×. 

Beware of scammers' fake AGIX token airdrop 7

Just a couple of days ago, a few scammers started a fake airdrop campaign of AGIX tokens. They also created a phishing page including original interview videos from the founders of the project. That phishing page was looking like the original one. 

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Through the phishing page, scammers were guiding users to connect their Crypto wallet with a smart contract directly on their website to get free AGIX tokens. Indeed that was suspicious smart contract to access the control of the Crypto wallet.

Suspicious Smart-contract & hacking games

In the crypto sector, huge numbers of devs are engaged to show their talent through their innovations in the form of smart contracts and it is very hard to stop the suspicious smartcontracts in the list of genuine & useful smartcontracts. 

To this date, huge numbers of DApp (Decentralised apps) are running in the crypto sector so that crypto investors can handle their financial activities on their own without any role of third-party actor but these DApps allow third-party smartcontracts to interact with the DApp users.

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In the recent few years, it has been found that scammers send fake coins in the form of airdrops and then they guide innocent crypto Investors to swap free tokens into USD and finally they push the crypto investors into a very big hack trap. 

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Beware of scammers’ fake AGIX token airdrop



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