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Trader JOE Crypto: Heralding New Innovation in Decentralized Exchanges

An order book model is a good approach but it is not cost-effective. Whenever you are depositing your crypto for trade, centralized exchanges operating on an order-book model charge a small fee. At this point, kicking off with a DEX makes a lot of sense. On the DEX, you can do a peer-to-peer transaction and there are no intermediaries. You hold your assets in your own hands. On top of this, you get security and sovereignty operating on a DEX.  With that said, if you wish to pick among the 35 DEXes operational at present in the world, Trader Joe is a good option to start with. 

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What is Trader Joe Crypto?

Trader JOE is an AMM built on top of the Avalanche chain. The community governs the ecosystem and gets rewards in return. The rewards are in the form of liquidation and swap fees. These fees make way to the users through smart contracts. In the process, making the entire Trader JOE ecosystem sustainable and decentralized.  Trader Joe is also famous for its smart UI and UX facilitating quicker trade and innovative yield farming products. 

When Did the Project Start?

The project started in September 2021 with $540 million liquidity. The rise in liquidity happened because of the shortcomings of the Pangolin DEX. Since Pangolin failed to keep pace with innovation, Trader JOE dominated. The platform raised $5 million from Defiance Capital, Delphi Digital, Three Arrows Capital. These are top shots in the VC list. At the same time, even the trading volume of Trader JOE has skyrocketed post its release. At the time of writing, the TVL or Total Value Locked stands at $1 billion. The growth has happened in a month’s time. Trader Joe also introduces new products in quick succession stimulating its growth. For example, the lending/borrowing product which they introduced shortly amassed 40% APY.

Is Trader JOE a Good Investment?

At the moment, the DeFi market is ripe for innovation. Trader JOE has introduced new concepts in lending and borrowing. The utilities that users get have kept the platform ahead of the learning curve. Trader JOE is also introducing limit order which will make the ecosystem unique in DeFi. In a nutshell, one can look forward to investing in Trader JOE for a long-term benefit. 

Trader Joe DEX
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Trader JOE Crypto: Heralding New Innovation in Decentralized Exchanges  
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