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Rise of Play to Earn – Why MOBOX Crypto Occupies All the Limelight?

The childhood memories are still fresh when parents used to yell at us playing video games. Without a doubt, it was a wonderful pastime; nonetheless criticized for being futile. Fast forward to 20 years, we are on the brink of innovation. Gaming is no longer a time wastage; rather a fad now. Surprise surprise, but Moritz Baier-Lentz, the author at BitKraft ventures funded his education by playing video games. Sounds a little surreal, but even at that period, play-to-earn games had an audience. So, you can assess what it will be like now. There are  3 billion people playing video games at present. The game economy has exploded to $336 billion. It is no more a wild-wild west. Rather, a sizable contribution to GDP is coming from gaming in South Asia. So, if you don’t want to miss this opportunity, MOBOX could be your next destination.

What is MOBOX Crypto Game?

MOBOX is an NFT powered gaming ecosystem instrumental at connecting all the metaverse. The game combines the perfect blend of NFT and yield farming to reward gamers. In the MOBOX ecosystem, anyone can participate for free. As a result, it is breaking the entry barrier. On top of this, gamers can stake their NFTs from the different metaverse to the liquidity pools. In the process, they can earn consistent returns. Along with this, they can also engage in yield farming to compound their returns. MOBOX is turning up into the next revolution in the gaming fraternity.

Is it a Good Play to Earn Game?

MOBOX has fused free-to-play with a play-to-earn model. Such a concept has never been implemented so far. On top of this, MOBOX has combined DeFi, NFTs, and blockchain gaming under one single roof. There is also room for developers to help the ecosystem scale up. In the game environment, developers can propose new ways and get rewarded in MOBOX tokens. These aspects of the MOBOX ecosystem make it a hit in the play-to-earn gaming segment. 

What is MBOX Crypto?

MBOX is the native token in the MOBOX game and acts as a governance token. The token can also be used for staking and yield farming, or even purchasing NFTs. There is a total supply of 1 Billion MBOX, with a current supply of 79.8 Million. The current price for 1 MBOX is around USD 5.3. Despite the current bearish sentiment in MBOX, many analysts still predict another boom in prices. This is because of the fact that technically, MBOX prices officially entered a buy zone.

MBOX/USD 4-hours chart
Fig.1 MBOX/USD 4-hours chart – TradingView

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Mobox Game
Mobox Game© Cryptoticker

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Rise of Play to Earn – Why MOBOX Crypto Occupies All the Limelight?  
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